Engine & Transmission
Engine TypeDOHC 12 valves
Engine Displacement658 cc
Fuel TypePetrol
Engine Power48 hp @ 6800 RPM
Torque57 Nm @ 5200 RPM
Gear BoxCVT
Suspension & Brakes
Minimum Turning Radius4.4 M
Suspension FrontMacpherson Strut
Suspension RearTorsion Beam
Brakes FrontSolid Discs
Brakes RearDrum
Kerb Weight650 KG
Tyres & Wheels
Tyre Size155/65 R14
Wheel Size14 Inches
Wheelbase2455 mm
Fuel & Economy
Mileage City/Highway KM/L33 / 35
Fuel Capacity28 L
Dimensions, Weights & Space
Boot Space L
Ground Clearnce155 mm
Curb Weight650 KG
No of Doors4
Length / Width / Height (mm)3395 / 1305 / 1500
Wheelbase2455 mm
Seating Capacity5 Persons


Air Bags
Air Conditioner
Alloy Wheels
Anti-Lock Braking SystemYES
Cup Holders
Folding Rear-SeatBench
Power Door Locks
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Mirrors
Rear Wiper
Traction Control
Rear Seat Entertainment
Climate Control
Rear AC Vents
Front Speakers
Rear Speakers
Arm Rest
Child Lock
DVD Player
Front Fog Lights
Leather Seats
Power Seats
Remote Boot/Fuel-Lid
Steering AdjustmentTilt
Sun-Roof / Moon-Roof /
Cruise Control
Keyless Entry
USB and Auxillary Cable
Heated Seats
Steering Switches
Front Camera
Rear Camera

Daihatsu Mira Variants

Coming Soon

Daihatsu Mira 2018

The new Daihatsu Mira is the first vehicle to determine the origin of the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), a unique business structure that offers a user-oriented method of car production.

DNGA is an method of creating small autos that pursues fuel efficiency, affordable pricing and safety and that places great importance about how a car looks, feels and drives. It aims to create little vehicles that become an important part of customers’ daily lives and that may be driven easily by anybody, at any right time. Based on the DNGA origin that contain been proven with the introduction of the new Daihatsu Mira, Daihatsu will develop a fresh platform as the first rung on the ladder of DNGA in future mini vehicles with the purpose of developing of compressed cars for a worldwide market.

Major characteristics of the new Daihatsu Mira

1. Fuel efficiency of 35.2 km/L achieved by lessening vehicle weight
2. Safeness performance and equipment (Smart Assist III, etc.)
3. A robust and progressive design
4. Comfortable equipment that make the automobile a perfect fit for day-to-day lives


Vehicle Outline

Fuel efficiency of 35.2 km/L (making the Daihatsu Mira permitted receive tax breaks and subsidies for eco-friendly vehicles) attained by lessening vehicle weight.
The new Daihatsu Mira is up to 80 kg lighter than existing models because of the use of an compact, high-rigidity “D monocoque” body, optimized suspension parts, resin parts, and streamlined, slimmer interior and external surfaces parts. All part outer panels are now created from thick, high-tensile plating, as the vehicle body includes a light, high-rigidity “D monocoque” composition that absorbs impacts and other forces.

A high-strength, high-rigidity and light in weight body has been created by optimally distributing and minimizing the reinforcement materials, improving parts bonding, and increasing overall unity. Resin parts are used throughout the front fenders, hatch fuel and door tank for lighter weight. Suspension parts have been optimized for lighter weight. In addition, the L and B-grade models feature newly developed 13-in . tires and 13-in . material wheels that will be the lightest in Japan.

Outstanding aerodynamics
Spectacular aerodynamics with 3% less air resistance than existing models. The brand new Daihatsu Mira boasts improved aerodynamics, with Cd air resistance figures reduced by 3%. This is due to a design that emphasizes equips and airflow body parts with airflow optimizers.

Improved energy efficiency through

The brand new Daihatsu Mira engine is dependant on the existing KF engine. However, it minimizes mechanical loss through the use of a low-friction belt to impart revolutions to the alternator, which increases energy efficiency. Fuel injection is conducted using the same dual injectors as on the prevailing engine but better value. A minimal prices has been achieved via a development process that offers high-quality vehicles at affordable prices
Safeness performance and equipment (Smart Assist III, etc.)
Throttle beginning and shift mapping during accelerator operation has been overhauled, while kickdown move control has been optimized. Acceleration from a standing start so when overtaking has increased significantly compared to existing models by obtaining linear acceleration when opening the throttle.

Optimized suspension for a stable, first-class ride

The controls and characteristics of suspension system parts like the suspension itself, absorbers, steering and the recently developed 13-inch tires*9 have been optimized for the light body of the Daihatsu Mira. It includes stable controlling for easy metropolitan driving a vehicle as well as peace of mind when exploring at high rates of speed.
The blend of ultra-saturated valves and specialized base valves in the absorbers is situated in a minuscule vehicle for the very first time, while cylinder diameters have been increased. Altering suspension compression corresponding to quickness has led to upgraded steering response and an even higher quality and even more stable ride.

performance plays a part in a luxurious ride

The quantity of noises that can reach the cabin has been tied to reducing the number of openings in the torso. Sound insulation materials have been optimally sent out throughout the car to enhance cabin quietness. An overhaul of the front pillar and door mirror figures has led to reductions in wind noise. Lock-up control has been optimized to reduce vibrations and sound. A safe car that perfectly seats four passengers and is not hard for anybody to drive A driver’s seat which allows stress-free generating within a spacious package.

Outstanding presentation technologies have led to a roomy interior that has liberal levels of overhead space, safeguards visibility upward, and seats four individuals comfortably.
The locations of the accelerator pedal and tyre have been adjusted for an maximum traveling position. The recently designed driver’s seat includes a light-weight frame that offers outstanding comfort and support. It offers superb support when operating the tyre, and outstanding cushioning through the seat and frame back. The positioning of the seat rails has been optimized to boost seating comfort also. A new steering wheel has been developed with an elevated grip diameter. The steering wheel itself also features a soft synthetic-leather grain where in fact the wheel be held by the driver’s hands.

Safety equipment that provides satisfaction while driving

The Daihatsu Mira has Smart Assist III, which uses the world’s smallest high-performance stereo cameras.
Smart Assist III provides braking support for pedestrian collision avoidance and an automatic high-beam system for exceptional safety performance.
Two front and two backside spot sensors are equipped as standard on some levels of model for the very first time in a minuscule vehicle. An in-display meter and security alarm sound provide the drivers with a variable distance-based alert when the automobile strategies an obstacle.

A robust and ground breaking design

The essence of a 2BOX tiny vehicle-an evolution of a straightforward, effective design. An external that exudes quality and safety.
A front view that provides the feeling of safety – The front view of the Daihatsu Mira provides a sense of safety using its extended nose and a bumper condition that demonstrates solidity and existence as it gets to down from the gates.

The wide bumpers that extend from leading of the electric motor car to the sides resemble aerodynamic skirts, highlighting the vehicle’s width and low center of gravity.


A smart and dignified aspect styling

The distinctive aspect glass windows and pillars are tilted for much better aerodynamics and donate to an outstanding field of vision. The horizontal beltline and solid door cross-sections stretch over the vehicle for an expansive, intelligent, and dignified side appearance. A wide back styling with a minimal center of gravity – The dark garnish on both sides of the hatch door cup increases aerodynamics and emphasizes the width of the vehicle. The relative lines of the bumper corners and the lower-end molds underscore the vehicle’s stability.

Complex adjustments have been designed to the design, such as reducing the difference high between your fenders and hood, and using upright figure lines on the family member attributes of the vehicle. This gives the entire vehicle a feeling of superb quality. A superior quality interior that combines low cost, light-weight, and simple driving – A distinctive instrument panel features horizontal tones that lengthen to left and right. Using its relaxing shape, the simple, effective interior provides a liberating sense of space, as the dark-colored tones of the look make a trendy, modern atmosphere. With their high-contrast blacks and light greys, the seats boast a modern styling. The principal fabric is smooth to touch and embellished with three-dimensional habits in a high-quality, luxurious design.

Developed LED lamps newly

The Daihatsu Mira has recently developed LED headlamps that induce a smart, powerful, and sharp impression. The perfect placing of the reflectors increases the brightness of the lighting fixtures and enhances the spectacular vehicle design. The rear combo lamps (LED stop lamps) have four LEDs arranged within a line for a sharp and cutting-edge design.

A new Sky Blue Metallic color has been developed in order to emphasize the distinctive solidity of the new Daihatsu Mira. The Daihatsu Mira comes in a complete of nine specific, fresh and powerful color plans, including a number of metallic tones.