Tire Shop – Stores for Tyre Shopping across Pakistan

Tire Shop – Stores for Tyre Shopping across Pakistan

Tyre replacement is a crucial part of car maintenance. But every car owner doesn’t have enough time to roam around the local market. Especially in Pakistan where the market is filled with smuggled tyres. It is estimated that more than 50% tyres sold as new tyres are smuggled. Tyre dealers sell cheap tires in high prices because of lack of customer’s awareness. On the other hand, premium tyres are sold cheaper than the actual price. This sounds good but the downside is these tyres are not original imported tyres. Rather these tires are smuggled. As smuggled tyre dealers don’t need to pay taxes so they can sell those tires cheaper than original tyres. These smuggled tyres are not safe for your vehicle and yourself. Smuggled Tyres are even deformed during packing.

Always look for best car tire shops who import original tyres and have relevant import documents and dealership evidence. You can check car tyre prices here and order online. Tyre Point offers best car tire prices in Pakistan which are also available on Tyre Point website.

Tyre Point is one of most trusted and reliable Tire Shop – with stores for Tyre Shopping across Pakistan. A Tyre Retail Chain which you can trust and buy tires with confidence. We guarantee 100% that our tyres are 100% imported and original and we provide the best warranty on all of tires sold online or at our outlets.

You can search tyres below by brand, car, read pattern or size, and buy tires online or visit any of Tyre Point Outlets.

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