Honda City Price in Pakistan & Review - 2024

Price of Honda City in Pakistan ranges from 4,799,000 — 5,979,000 PKR

The Honda City 2023 is here, and it's poised to take you on an electrifying adventure where history meets the future, where variants cater to your every whim, and where specifications redefine the limits of performance. Get ready to unleash the road warrior within you!

Honda City 2024 Price List in Pakistan

Honda City-2023
Updated: December 21, 2023

Honda City 2024 Car Review

Honda City 2024 Overview

Honda City Aspire 2024 is one of the popular cars in Pakistan. Honda has updated City on right time and it has helped in maintaining its market share. Honda has given a mid-life update to beat the competition especially the Ciaz and the Verna. The New Honda City gets a facelift and design changes. Some new features are also introduced. A new top-end variant has also been introduced which has attracted the attention of car buyers.

Honda City, a name that speaks for itself in the world of compact sedans, has been a significant player in the automotive industry since its inception in 1981. Starting as a 3-door hatchback/2-door convertible, it quickly made its mark in select markets. The second-generation came in 1986, cementing the reputation of the City as a household name. After a brief hiatus in the mid ’90s, the City nameplate was revived in 1996 with a shift to subcompact four-door sedans.

Evolution of Honda City

Moving onto the third generation, the Honda City crafted its unique space in the market with its innovative design based on Honda’s Global Small Car platform. The placement of the fuel tank under the front seats was a distinct departure from the norm and laid the groundwork for subsequent models.

Entering the market in Pakistan, the third generation overshadowed Suzuki Margalla’s sales in its early days and paved the way for the fourth generation. Introduced globally in 2002 and in the Pakistani market in 2003, the fourth generation brought a revolution in fuel economy with the twin-spark i-DSI engine-based City.

The latest, the Honda City 2023 stands head and shoulders above its predecessors, with impressive specifications including a highly efficient fuel type, a powerful engine with a displacement ranging from 1199cc to 1497cc, and a top speed of 180 KM/H. True to its legacy, it continues to offer enhanced fuel economy with a mileage of 12-16 KM/L.

Modernization and The Honda City 2023

The Honda City has always been one step ahead of its time, setting new standards in compact sedan innovation with each new model. With the introduction of the Honda City 2023, Honda has once again solidified its position at the forefront of automobile innovation. The new City offers a variety of engine variants from 1.2L to 1.5L, both manual and automatic, catering to a broad audience of car enthusiasts. Whether your preference is for raw control or smooth cruising, there’s a Honda City 2023 variant for you.

The fifth-generation Honda City raised the bar by providing the Pakistani market with a decade-long production run, abundant with transformations and enhancements. The sixth-generation, debuting in 2014, pioneered the sophisticated aesthetic of the City internationally, with the seventh-generation’s journey starting globally in 2020 and reaching Pakistan in 2021.

The 2023 Honda City: A New Benchmark

The 2023 Honda City offers exceptional performance and advanced features that are sure to excite car enthusiasts. The latest model boasts enviable specifications – a compact sedan body type, resilient ground clearance of 172mm, and horse power ranging from 88-118hp. Adding to the versatile performance, the 2023 iteration comes with a hefty torque ranging from 110-145Nm, ample 510L boot space, and a seating capacity for five persons. The fuel tank capacity of 40L aids in prolonged journeys without frequent refuelling needs.

From its humble beginnings as a hatchback to its current status as a dominant figure in the compact sedan class, Honda City 2023 is built on the legacy of its predecessors, aiming to deliver more than what is expected of a subcompact four-door sedan and set yet another milestone in Honda City’s history.

From its promising specifications, it’s clear that the Honda City 2023 is set to make a solid impact on the automotive industry, promising a new era of driving experience for the car lovers of Pakistan.

Detailed Review of Exterior, Interior, Safety, Performance and Analysis of Price in Pakistan

1. Honda City Exterior Design

1.1 Exterior Design: A Dynamic Masterpiece

Hold on to your seats, because the Honda City 2023’s exterior design is about to take you on an exhilarating journey of style and innovation! Brace yourself for a detailed exploration of the jaw-dropping aesthetics that make this car a true standout in the crowd. From body lines that dance with the wind to a grille that roars with attitude, this is a design philosophy that’s ready to turn heads and set hearts racing.

1.2 Aesthetics and Design Philosophy: The Art of Elegance

Get ready to feast your eyes on a symphony of design that marries beauty with practicality. The Honda City 2023’s exterior isn’t just a pretty face—it’s a statement of sophistication and ingenuity. Every curve and contour is meticulously crafted to capture the essence of movement, even when the car is at a standstill. This is a design philosophy that doesn’t just look good; it’s a tribute to aerodynamics and performance.

1.3 Key Design Elements: Unveiling the Magic

Let’s talk about those lines—the ones that tell a story of grace and power. The body lines of the Honda City are more than just aesthetics; they’re a testament to precision and artistry. These lines aren’t just on the car; they’re part of its DNA, enhancing both its visual appeal and its ability to slice through the air with finesse.

And let’s not forget about the grille—the face of the Honda City. It’s not just a design feature; it’s a declaration of intent. The grille doesn’t just look stunning; it’s strategically crafted to optimize airflow, keeping the engine cool and the performance hot.

The headlights and taillights? They’re more than just lights—they’re works of art. The Honda City’s lighting game isn’t just about visibility; it’s about making a statement. The sleek design of these lights isn’t just pleasing to the eye; it complements the car’s sleek profile and adds a touch of modernity.

1.4 Unique Features and Innovations: Shining Brighter

Hold onto your excitement, because the Honda City’s exterior isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s about innovation that turns heads. Let’s talk about the exterior features that elevate this car to a whole new level:

  • Colored Outside Door Handles: Depending on the variant, you’re looking at door handles that shine in chrome or blend in with the body. Style meets convenience with every touch.
  • Side Mirrors With Indicators: It’s not just about mirrors; it’s about mirrors with attitude. Indicators seamlessly integrated into the mirrors don’t just signal turns; they signal your arrival.
  • Daytime Running Lights (DRLs): The sun might set, but your presence won’t fade. DRLs aren’t just lights; they’re a statement. They don’t just illuminate the road; they illuminate your passion for driving.

Buckle up, because the Honda City 2023’s exterior design isn’t just about looks—it’s about a heart-pounding experience. It’s a fusion of art, technology, and innovation that’s bound to make you fall in love with driving all over again. Get ready to hit the road in a car that’s not just designed; it’s designed to captivate.

2. Honda City Interior Design

2.1 Interior Comfort and Technology: Elevating Your Drive

Prepare to be swept away by the comfort and cutting-edge technology that define the interior of the Honda City. It’s not just a sedan; it’s a haven of comfort and innovation that’s here to transform every drive into an experience of luxury and convenience. Buckle up as we dive into the world of interior excellence, exploring the intricacies of design, technology, and features that make the Honda City’s interior a true standout.

2.2 Embracing Comfort and Ergonomics

Step inside, and you’ll immediately feel the embrace of spaciousness that sets the Honda City apart. This sedan is not just about transportation; it’s about indulgence. The interior offers ample room for you and your passengers, ensuring that every journey is a delightful experience.

But it’s not just about space—the Honda City’s interior goes beyond to ensure your utmost comfort. Imagine sinking into seats that cradle you with care, whether you’re on a quick drive or a long adventure. And the impact-mitigating headrests? They’re not just a safety feature; they’re a reminder that your well-being is a priority.

2.3 Tech at Your Fingertips

Now, let’s talk tech. The Honda City’s interior isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality and seamless connectivity. The dashboard layout is designed to put essential controls right at your fingertips, allowing you to focus on the road ahead without missing a beat.

And then there’s the infotainment system—a hub of entertainment and information. Picture yourself navigating with ease through a 7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a gateway to MP3s, Bluetooth, and even a rear camera ready to guide your way. But wait, there’s more! The 1.5 Aspire variants take it up a notch with a 9-inch android-based capacitive touchscreen that’s not just about navigation; it’s about connectivity beyond boundaries.

2.4 Innovations that Redefine Driving

Driving is no longer just about getting from point A to point B; it’s about experiencing the future now. The Honda City’s interior is laden with advanced technology features that elevate your journey. Whether it’s the one-touch lane indicator, digital clock, or outside temperature display, every detail is there to enhance your driving pleasure.

But that’s not all—safety meets innovation in the Honda City. Cruise control? Standard in all 1.5 Aspire and 1.5 CVT variants. Keyless entry and smart trunk opening? Available to add ease and convenience to your everyday life.

And let’s not forget the core—safety. With features like the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake distribution (EBD), the Honda City is a fortress of protection on wheels.

The interior of the Honda City is more than just a cabin; it’s a symphony of comfort and technology that’s poised to transform your drives into unforgettable journeys. Get ready to be captivated by an interior that redefines driving as you know it—a fusion of comfort, connectivity, and innovations that’s designed with your experience in mind.

3. Honda City Infotainment & Instrumentation

Get ready to be blown away by the technological marvel that is the Honda City 2023! This isn’t just a sedan; it’s a portal to a world of connectivity, entertainment, and advanced features that redefine what it means to be behind the wheel. Buckle up as we delve into the heart of technology, infotainment, and instrumentation that make the Honda City’s interior an exhilarating space.

3.1 Infotainment Redefined

Picture this: a 9.0-inch display that opens the doors to a world of possibilities. Welcome to the realm of the 1.5L Aspire CVT, where the touchscreen becomes your gateway to entertainment and information. Whether it’s navigation, built-in Wi-Fi, or the magic of Android connectivity, this display is your co-pilot on every adventure.

But that’s not all—let’s not forget the 7.0-inch display that graces the 1.2L CVT and 1.5L CVT variants. It’s not just a screen; it’s your window to a universe of connectivity. With USB and auxiliary cable support, you’re in command of your favorite tunes and media, turning your drives into immersive experiences.

3.2 Your Personal Concert

Imagine cruising down the street, surrounded by a symphony of sound. The Honda City’s interior transforms into a concert hall, thanks to the front speakers that come to life in all three variants. Feel the beat and embrace the rhythm as your journey becomes a fusion of music and motion.

And while we’re talking sound, let’s not forget the rear speakers in the 1.5L Aspire CVT variant. It’s not just about you; it’s about ensuring that every corner of the cabin is infused with audio perfection, making your travels a sensory delight.

3.3 Connected and Informed

Get ready to experience a driving world that’s not just smart—it’s brilliant. With a tachometer that’s a window to your engine’s heartbeat and multi-info display that keeps you informed about every aspect of your drive, the Honda City’s dashboard becomes a command center of information and insight.

3.4 Driver-Assistance at Your Fingertips

But the technology journey doesn’t stop there. The Honda City is more than just entertainment; it’s about assistance. Whether it’s USB and auxiliary cable support, tachometers, or multi-info displays, every detail is crafted to elevate your drive. And don’t forget, the 1.5L Aspire CVT variant even comes with driving modes, cruise control, and rear AC vents—features that ensure every journey is a breeze.

The technology, infotainment, and instrumentation of the Honda City 2023 are not just features; they’re an embodiment of innovation and excitement. Get ready to connect, to entertain, and to experience driving like never before. Whether it’s the music, the connectivity, or the assistance, the Honda City’s interior is a playground where technology and enthusiasm collide. Get set to revolutionize your drive and embark on a journey that’s as thrilling as it is connected.

4. Honda City Performance Handling

When it comes to performance and handling, the Honda City 2023 is not just a sedan; it’s a symphony of power and finesse, delivering an adrenaline-pumping experience that’s bound to leave you craving for more.

4.4 Engine Options and Power Delivery

The heart of the Honda City beats with a trio of engine options that cater to various driving styles. Whether you opt for the 1.5L Aspire CVT’s robust 118 horsepower at 6600 RPM, the 1.2L CVT’s nimble 88 horsepower at 6000 RPM, or the 1.5L CVT’s commanding 118 horsepower at 6600 RPM, each engine ensures a thrilling ride. The power delivery is smooth and exhilarating, allowing you to conquer city streets and highways alike.

4.5 Transmission Choices and Driving Dynamics

Equipped with responsive Automatic (CVT) transmissions, the Honda City’s gearboxes seamlessly adapt to your driving rhythm, ensuring a smooth and engaging ride. Whether you’re accelerating on the open road or maneuvering through traffic, the transmission choices provide a dynamic driving experience. The symphony of engine and transmission collaboration delivers a harmonious balance between power and efficiency.

4.5 Ride Comfort

The Honda City’s exceptional handling doesn’t come at the cost of ride comfort. With McPherson Strut Coil Springs and Torsion Beam with Coil Springs suspension systems, the City glides over various terrains, offering a comfortable and composed ride. This translates to a well-balanced experience that keeps you engaged and comfortable during every journey.

In a nutshell, the Honda City 2023 delivers a performance and handling package that’s as diverse as it is exhilarating. With its choice of engines, seamless transmissions, responsive handling, and advanced features, the City ensures that your drive isn’t just a commute; it’s an adventure. Whether you’re seeking a punchy acceleration, a comfortable cruise, or an engaging handling experience, the Honda City is here to exceed your expectations. Get ready to ignite your journey and unleash the road warrior within you!

5. Honda City Fuel Efficiency and Economy

In an era where sustainability matters more than ever, the Honda City 2023 not only dazzles with its performance but also shines as an eco-friendly companion on the road. Let’s delve into the fuel efficiency and environmental impact of this remarkable sedan.

5.1 Fuel Efficiency and Eco-Friendly Features

The Honda City embodies efficiency without compromising on its dynamic performance. With a meticulous focus on optimizing fuel consumption, it’s designed to minimize its carbon footprint while ensuring an engaging drive. The integration of cutting-edge technologies and eco-conscious engineering ensures that the City is not just a car but a step towards a greener future.

5.2 Design’s Impact on Fuel Consumption and Emissions

The City’s aerodynamic design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a testament to Honda’s commitment to fuel efficiency. The careful shaping of its body, grille, and other elements reduces drag and enhances airflow, resulting in improved fuel economy. Additionally, the integration of lightweight materials ensures that the City is not only efficient but also environmentally considerate in its construction.

5.3 Comparison of Engine Options in Terms of Fuel Economy

The Honda City offers a range of engine options, each contributing to its impressive fuel efficiency. Whether you’re cruising down the highway with the 1.5L CVT’s estimated 16 KM/L mileage or navigating city streets with the 1.2L CVT’s 12 KM/L, you’re experiencing a balance between power and economy. These engine choices allow you to pick the one that aligns with your eco-conscious preferences.

In summary, the Honda City 2023 is more than just a stylish sedan; it’s a vehicle that emphasizes fuel efficiency without compromising on performance. Its forward-thinking design, coupled with a range of engine options, ensures that you can embark on your journey while leaving a smaller carbon footprint. Get ready to explore the roads with a conscious drive towards sustainability, where every mile you cover is a step closer to a cleaner, greener future.

6. Honda City Safety Features

The Honda City 2023 is not just another vehicle on the road; it embodies the concept of a mobile fortress ensuring unparalleled security. The intricate safety systems and features instate confidence in the driver, thus providing a unique amalgamation of thrill and assurance.

6.1. Comprehensive Safety Measures

The Honda City 2023 is intimately equipped with an array of safety features, signifying its firm commitment to driver and passenger safety. The vehicle includes an anti-lock braking system (ABS), reducing the risk of uncontrolled skidding in sudden braking scenarios. The child lock feature ensures additional protection for the juniors on board, prioritizing their safety during the journey.

6.2. Rigorous Safety Standards

The dedication of Honda City to safety is unmistakably evident through its crash-tested ratings and airbag systems. The presence of dual front airbags minimizes the risk of injury during collisions by acting as a cushion, their strategic placements further enhancing the vehicle’s safety dynamics.

6.3. Advanced Driver Assistance

The City steps ahead by providing proactive driver assistance. The immobilizer feature is an advanced safety measure to deter any unauthorized access to your vehicle. The ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors add an extra layer of security for your child seats, fortifying Honda’s commitment to a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

6.4. Other Safety Highlights

The Honda City 2023 also comes with an Anti-Theft Alarm System, Door Opening Warning, and Driver Seat Belt Warning to enhance the car’s safety dimensions further. The Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) ensures optimal distribution of brake force, while a high mount stop lamp enhances visibility. The Speed Sensing Auto Door Lock feature provides additional security once the car gains momentum.

6.5. Ensuring Occupant Safety

Every key safety feature, such as two airbags and five seatbelts, makes a strong statement about Honda City’s unwavering dedication to passenger safety. The integration of these safety features is not a mere fulfillment of requirements but the embodiment of a holistic approach that considers multiple scenarios to ensure peace of mind while driving.

In conclusion, Honda City 2023 stands out not just with its impressive performance but also its firm commitment to safety. The advanced safety technology and proactive measures ensure that the excitement of your journey is complemented by security, truly making Honda City 2023 a safe haven on wheels.

7. Honda City Practicality & Space

7.1. Cargo Space

Stretching to match your living space requirements is the exceptionally spacious cargo capacity of the Honda City 2023. With a robust boot space of 510 liters, this car can conveniently accommodate your luggage, groceries, sports equipment, or an ambitious shopping haul. Here’s a vehicle that understands and provides the space you need.

7.2. Interior Storage Compartments and Cup Holders

Perfect for workaday needs and long drives, the Honda City 2023 cleverly integrates storage compartments and cup holders within its interiors. These thoughtful slots mean your essentials are always in arm’s reach while keeping the car’s interior organized and clutter-free. Your coffee, sunglasses, and other knick-knacks now have a designated spot on board.

7.3. Seating Capacity and Comfort

Fond of group outings or family trips? The Honda City 2023 is your ally. It is designed to seat up to five people comfortably, ideal for shared journeys. Above the number, though, is the emphasis on comfort. Even on a longer haul, the seats are tailored to let you deeply sink into comfort, providing a restful ride.

7.4. Ingress and Egress

Ease of access is a key feature in the Honda City 2023. Due to its well-defined doors and optimally set ride height, entry and exit are remarkably smooth. Now, you and your passengers can slide in and out of the car without any strain, making every ride an experience of refined comfort.

Summing it all up, the Honda City 2023 deftly balances a sleek profile of 4441 mm length and 1694 mm width while ensuring generous inner space with a height of 1498 mm. The vast wheelbase of 2600 mm with a ground clearance of 172 mm ensures ample room to stretch out and promise a smooth journey.

All in all, the Honda City 2023 delivers not just performance but also a seamless blend of practicality and space. With each feature focused on enhancing your convenience, every aspect of the Honda City 2023 is truly designed around your lifestyle, making every journey, whether daily commute or weekend spree, one of comfort and ease.

8. Honda City Variants Comparison

Honda City Variants Prices in Pakistan & Best Tyres

As we traverse into the captivating universe of Honda City 2023 variants, we invite you to explore the power, sophistication, and elegance offered by each model. With a striking spectrum from the nimble 1.2L M/T to the plush 1.5L ASPIRE CVT, Honda City encompasses a myriad of choices tailored to diverse driver profiles and aspirations.

8.1. The 1.2L M/T: Nimble Conductor of Power

Behold the beautifully compact but muscular variant – the 1.2L M/T. This version sings an octet of manual control and agility. With a respectable 1199 cc engine, it embodies a journey of unswerving confidence and dynamic command over the road.

8.2. The 1.2L CVT: Encompassing Effortless Grace

For those seeking effortless elegance, the 1.2L CVT serves as an exquisite bridge between smooth automatic ease and uncompromising performance. Power meets technology in harmony, with features like a 7.0″ display, DRLs, and tactile steering switches ensuring you command the road with finesse and style.

8.3. The 1.5L CVT: Crafting Unparalleled Cruising Experiences

The 1.5L CVT variant stages a flawless performance – a union of power and finesse. Housed within this model is a poised 1497 cc engine complemented by distinct driving modes and smooth-as-silk cruise control. I invite you to ride on the symphony of superb performance.

8.4. The 1.5L ASPIRE M/T: Where Luxury and Control Reside

Embrace the 1.5L ASPIRE M/T, where opulence intertwines with stirring vehicular control. Beyond high-performance metrics, this variant indulges in an array of luxury features encompassing navigation, push start, and climate control, delivering an enriched driving experience fused with sumptuous comforts.

8.5. The 1.5L ASPIRE CVT: Embarking on a Voyage of Opulence

The pinnacle of the lineup, the 1.5L ASPIRE CVT, escorts you into a realm where plush meets cutting-edge technology. It’s not just a ride; it’s a journey into the sphere of luxury, featuring features like rear AC vents and a 9-inch android-based touchscreen with built-in Wi-Fi and navigation.

8.6. Pros & Cons of the Honda City 2023


Honda City 2023 comes with its distinctive set of advantages that make it a compelling choice in the compact sedan segment:

  • Availability of Parts: The widely available parts ensure that maintenance and repairs are convenient and hassle-free.
  • After-sales Service: Enjoy exemplary after-sales service ensuring a seamless ownership experience.
  • Good Resale Value: When it’s time to upgrade or change, the strong resale value of the Honda City offers you considerable returns on your investment.
  • Fuel Efficiency: With high fuel efficiency metrics, the Honda City ensures that you enjoy maximum mileage from each drop of fuel.


While the Honda City 2023 offers multiple advantages, potential owners should be aware of a few considerations:

  • Price Comparison: Compared to competitors like the Yaris, the Honda City comes with a heftier price tag.
  • Slightly Expensive Parts: The cost of parts is slightly higher compared to other vehicles in its class.
  • Perceived Lower Build Quality: Some owners have expressed concerns about the build quality in comparison to its competitors.

While contemplating your decision, weigh these pros and cons to fully appreciate what the Honda City 2023 brings to the table. It’s an astounding blend of efficiency, performance, and style, with considerations that are worth acknowledging.

Features Differences of All Honda City Variants

Feature 1.2L M/T 1.2L CVT 1.5L CVT 1.5L Aspire M/T 1.5L Aspire CVT
Price PKR 4,799,000 PKR 4,929,000 PKR 5,549,000 PKR 5,759,000 PKR 5,979,000
Engine/ Motor
Displacement 1199 cc 1199 cc 1497 cc 1497 cc 1497 cc
Horse Power 88 HP @ 6000 RPM 88 HP @ 6000 RPM 118 HP @ 6600 RPM 118 HP @ 6600 RPM 118 HP @ 6600 RPM
Torque 110 Nm @ 4800 RPM 110 Nm @ 4800 RPM 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM
Compression Ratio 10.1:1 10.1:1 10.4:1 10.4:1 10.4:1
Transmission Type Manual Automatic (CVT) Automatic (CVT) Manual Automatic (CVT)
Gearbox 5 – speed 5 – speed 6 – speed 6 – speed 6 – speed
Wheels and Tyres
Wheel Type Steel Rims with Wheels Caps Steel Rims with Wheels Caps Steel Rims with Wheels Caps Alloy Wheels Alloy Wheels
Fuel EcoNomy
Mileage City 13 KM/L 12 KM/L 12 KM/L 13 KM/L 12 KM/L
Alloy Wheels No No No Yes Yes
Front Fog Lights No No No Yes Yes
Colored Outside Door Handles Body Colored Body Colored Chrome Chrome Chrome
Display Size 7.0 in 7.0 in 7.0 in 9.0 in 9.0 in
Rear Speakers No No No Yes Yes
Comfort and Convenience
Climate Control No No No Yes Yes
Key Type Keyless Entry Keyless Entry Keyless Entry Smart Key Smart Key
Push Start No No No Yes Yes
Cruise Control No No Yes Yes Yes
Driving Modes No No Yes No Yes
Navigation No No No Yes Yes
Optional Navigation Yes Yes No No No
Rear Camera No No No Yes Yes
Rear AC Vents No No No Yes Yes
Seat Material Type Fabric Fabric Fabric Hi-Grade Fabric Hi-Grade Fabric
Rear Power Outlet No Yes Yes Yes Yes

9. Honda City Price in Pakistan & Price to Value Analysis

Honda City 2023 presents an impressive line-up of variants, each showcasing a unique blend of features for a diverse pool of customers. This comparison dives deep into the key offerings of each variant and establishes the direct relationship between price and feature value.

9.1. Variants with Price & Unique Features

1.2L M/T Variant (PKR 4,799,000) – The most budget-friendly variant in the 2023 lineup, the 1.2L M/T brings the thrill of manual control to the forefront. It’s not just the horsepower, it’s the pure kinetic energy that courses through the 1199 cc engine that adds the charm to this variant.

1.5L CVT Variant (PKR 5,549,000) – Along with a 1497 cc engine, 1.5L CVT offers the convenience of a CVT transmission, raising driving comfort and better performance a notch higher. This, coupled with some additions like cruise control, justify the price increase for this harmony of power and finesse.

1.5L ASPIRE CVT (PKR 5,979,000) – The epitome of the lineup, the 1.5L ASPIRE CVT is a testimony to opulence. At this price point, you get luxury features, rear AC vents and a 9-inch android-based touchscreen navigating you into the realm of innovation and pleasure.

9.2. Features Value Proposition against the Price

9.2.1. Engine/Motor

In the case of the 2023 Honda City, engine power and displacement play a primary role in the price structure. The price increases align with the rise in displacement from 1.2L to 1.5L across the lineup.

9.2.2. Transmission

The choice between CVT and manual transmission impacts the driving experience and, accordingly, the price. More convenience-oriented buyers may find the price hike for CVT variants justified.

9.2.3. Wheels and Tyres

All Honda City 2023 variants maintain a consistent set of wheels and tyres, hence, it doesn’t influence price differentiation.

9.2.4. Fuel Economy

While fuel efficiency across the variants doesn’t fluctuate significantly, buyers should consider the marginal enhancement against the potential price increase.

9.2.5. Safety

Safety in the Honda City 2023 is paramount across all variants, with the standard inclusions of airbags and ABS, meaning safety features do not account for price differences.

9.2.6. Exterior

The unvarying sleek exterior design across the lineup of the Honda City 2023 has no bearings on the difference in price.

9.2.7. Comfort and Convenience

Premium features such as the higher variants’ luxurious additions do impact the price. For those prioritizing comfort and advanced features, the value-for-cost ratio is satisfying.

9.3. Price to Value Analysis Summary

The analysis reveals that most substantial price increments correlate directly with improved performance and comfort features. The transition from a 1.2L engine to 1.5L and from manual to CVT transmission certainly add tangible value to the higher-priced models. However, in terms of safety, exterior, and fuel economy, the consistent provision across variants means they have minimal impact on price differentiation.

In conclusion, potential Honda City 2023 buyers should weigh in the price vs. feature value proposition based on their preferences and needs. The variance in price across the lineup is somewhat justified by enhancements in the car’s performance, power, and comfort features.

10. Honda City Comparison with Competitors

The Honda City 2023 exists in a pulsating automotive market in Pakistan, squaring off against a host of other well-established models. Significant competitors such as the Toyota Yaris, Toyota Corolla, Toyota Corolla Axio, Toyota Prius, and MG 5 each offer their unique selling propositions, aiming to capture distinct segments of consumers.

10.1. Toyota Yaris: The Reliable Urbanite

Essentially a subcompact car, the Toyota Yaris is renowned for its sturdy reliability and admirable fuel efficiency. The Yaris tries to mirror the Honda City’s fuel-efficient, utilitarian essence and excels in offering a robust blend of everyday practicality along with satisfactory performance. It is a charm for those who prefer an efficient companion for urban driving and daily commuting.

10.2. Toyota Corolla: The Wise Veteran

As an age-old competitor, the Toyota Corolla bats on par with the Honda City in terms of its widespread popularity. While City offers better fuel consumption and a competitive price range, the Corolla veers towards an expanded interior space and larger fuel capacity, thereby tilting the satisfaction meter towards comfort and practicality.

10.3. Toyota Corolla Axio: The Comfort Seeker

The Toyota Corolla Axio, marketed as a compact sedan, predominantly focuses on fuel efficiency and functionality. It appeals to users who value comfort, practicality, and fuel efficiency, with spacious interiors and refined ride quality, which positions it as an attractive alternative to the Honda City 2023.

10.4. Toyota Prius: The Eco-conscious Choice

A disparate contender in the line-up, the Toyota Prius is an eco-conscious choice, applauded for its hybrid technology and exceptional fuel economy. The Prius might lure environmental enthusiasts seeking practicality combined with lowered environmental impact, courtesy of its hybrid powertrain and fuel efficiency.

10.5. MG 5: The Modernist’s Delight

A fairly new entrant, the MG 5 brings a contemporary appeal that targets a broad audience. Its competitive pricing coupled with advanced features and dynamic design has spiraled its popularity among modern car buyers seeking a fresh alternative.

10.6. Positioning Honda City 2023

In this dynamic market space, the Honda City 2023 underscores critical areas such as remarkable fuel efficiency and competitive pricing as unique selling propositions. While countered by its rivals in aspects such as interior space and advanced hybrid technology, the value proposition for each model ultimately tailors to individual priorities.

For a discerning buyer, the ideal choice from these contenders would resonate with their unique needs and aspirations. Thus, it becomes essential to carefully weigh individual requirements against the offerings of each model to find the perfect automotive accompaniment tailored to their lifestyle.

11. FAQ’s about Honda City 2024

1. What are the different variants available for the Honda City 2023 model?

The Honda City 2023 is available in five different variants: 1.2L M/T, 1.2L CVT, 1.5L CVT, 1.5L Aspire M/T, and 1.5L Aspire CVT.

2. What are the engine options for the Honda City 2023 variants?

The Honda City 2023 variants are equipped with different engine options:

  • 1.2L M/T and 1.2L CVT: 1199 cc engine
  • 1.5L CVT, 1.5L Aspire M/T, and 1.5L Aspire CVT: 1497 cc engine

3. What is the horsepower of the Honda City 2023 variants?

The horsepower varies among the variants:

  • 1.2L M/T and 1.5L CVT: 88 HP @ 6000 RPM
  • 1.2L CVT and 1.5L Aspire CVT: 118 HP @ 6600 RPM
  • 1.5L Aspire M/T: 118 HP @ 6600 RPM

4. What is the torque specification for the Honda City 2023 variants?

The torque varies among the variants:

  • 1.2L M/T and 1.5L CVT: 110 Nm @ 4800 RPM
  • 1.2L CVT and 1.5L Aspire CVT: 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM
  • 1.5L Aspire M/T: 145 Nm @ 4600 RPM

5. How many gears do the different variants have?

The transmission options vary:

  • 1.2L M/T and 1.5L Aspire M/T: 5-speed manual
  • 1.2L CVT and 1.5L CVT: 6-speed CVT
  • 1.5L Aspire CVT: 6-speed CVT

6. What are the dimensions of the Honda City 2023?

The dimensions are the same across all variants:

  • Overall Length: 4441 mm
  • Overall Width: 1694 mm
  • Overall Height: 1498 mm
  • Wheel Base: 2600 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 172 mm

7. How much boot space does the Honda City 2023 offer?

All variants of the Honda City 2023 come with a spacious boot space of 510 liters.

8. What is the seating capacity of the Honda City 2023?

All variants of the Honda City 2023 offer a comfortable seating capacity for up to 5 persons.

9. Do the variants have different types of wheels?

Yes, the variants feature different wheel types:

  • 1.2L M/T: Steel Rims with Wheel Caps
  • 1.2L CVT and 1.5L CVT: Alloy Wheels
  • 1.5L Aspire M/T and 1.5L Aspire CVT: Alloy Wheels

10. Are there any specific exterior enhancements in certain variants?

Yes, the 1.5L Aspire CVT variant comes with additional exterior features such as alloy wheels, front fog lights, and rear speakers.

11. What is the fuel economy of the Honda City 2023?

The mileage varies based on driving conditions:

  • Mileage City: Approximately 12 KM/L
  • Mileage Highway: Approximately 16 KM/L

12. Do the variants have climate control?

Yes, the 1.2L M/T variant does not have climate control, while the 1.2L CVT and 1.5L CVT variants offer this feature.

13. Is keyless entry available in all variants?

Yes, all variants of the Honda City 2023 come equipped with keyless entry.

14. What kind of steering adjustment is available?

All variants offer steering adjustment features, providing enhanced driving comfort.

15. Are there driving modes in the variants?

Yes, the 1.2L CVT, 1.5L CVT, 1.5L Aspire M/T, and 1.5L Aspire CVT variants come with driving modes for personalized driving experience.

16. Do any variants come with rear AC vents?

Yes, the 1.5L CVT and 1.5L Aspire CVT variants are equipped with rear AC vents for enhanced rear passenger comfort.

17. Are leather seats available in any variant?

Leather seats are not available in any of the variants. The seat material type is fabric.

18. What is the price range of the Honda City 2023 variants?

The prices vary across the variants:

  • 1.2L M/T: PKR 4,799,000
  • 1.2L CVT: PKR 4,929,000
  • 1.5L CVT: PKR 5,549,000
  • 1.5L Aspire M/T: PKR 5,759,000
  • 1.5L Aspire CVT: PKR 5,979,000

19. Are there any differences in safety features?

All variants come with 2 airbags and ABS, but the 1.5L CVT and 1.5L Aspire CVT variants also feature additional safety enhancements like vehicle stability control and traction control.

20. What is the price-to-value analysis for the Honda City 2023 variants?

The price-to-value analysis varies depending on individual preferences. The higher-priced variants offer advanced features and enhancements, but the choice ultimately depends on factors such as budget and desired features.

Honda City Variants - Major Specifications

Honda City 1.5L CVT

PricePKR 5,549,000
Engine TypeSOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1497 cc
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Max Horsepower/RPM118 hp @ 6600 RPM
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance172 (mm)
Curb Weight1178 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresCity 2021-2023

Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE MT

PricePKR 5,759,000
Engine TypeSOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1497 cc
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Max Horsepower/RPM118 hp @ 6600 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance172 (mm)
Curb Weight1178 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresCity 2021-2023

Honda City 1.5L ASPIRE CVT

PricePKR 5,979,000
Engine TypeSOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1497 cc
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Max Horsepower/RPM118 hp @ 6600 RPM
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance172 (mm)
Curb Weight1178 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresCity 2021-2023

Honda City 1.2L MT

PricePKR 4,799,000
Engine TypeSOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1199 cc
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Max Horsepower/RPM88 hp @ 6000 RPM
Gear Box5 Speed
Ground Clearance172 (mm)
Curb Weight1178 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresCity 2021-2023

Honda City 1.2L CVT

PricePKR 4,929,000
Engine TypeSOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1199 cc
Fuel Supply SystemPGM-FI
Max Horsepower/RPM88 hp @ 6000 RPM
TransmissionAutomatic CVT
Gear Box5 Speed
Ground Clearance172 (mm)
Curb Weight1178 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresCity 2021-2023