Honda Vezel Price in Pakistan & Review - 2024

Price of Honda Vezel in Pakistan ranges from 8,250,000 — 8,250,000 PKR

Honda Vezel 2024 Price List in Pakistan

Honda Vezel-2023

Honda Vezel 2024 Car Review

Honda Vezel 2024 Overview

Honda Vezel: Pioneering Subcompact SUVs:

The Honda Vezel represents a remarkable series of subcompact SUVs crafted by the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer, Honda. This series debuted with the 1st Generation Honda Vezel in 2013 and swiftly gained popularity, especially in Pakistan. It carved a niche for itself as a hybrid car and maintained its dominance in the market despite formidable competition.

Versatile Configuration:

The 1st Generation Honda Vezel adopts a front-engine layout and is available in both front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations. This versatility allows buyers to choose according to their driving preferences and requirements.

Global Compact Series Platform:

The underpinnings of the 1st Generation Vezel are rooted in Honda’s Global Compact Series platform. This platform serves as the foundation for several other Honda models, including the Honda Fit, Honda HR-V, and the Honda City. Such shared platform architecture enables the efficient development and manufacturing of vehicles that meet varying consumer needs.

Continuation with the 2nd Generation:

In 2021, Honda took the next step in the evolution of the Vezel by introducing its 2nd generation. The Honda Vezel 2024 comes in four distinct variants, featuring various upgrades and enhancements to keep pace with the ever-evolving hybrid vehicle market. This new iteration of the Vezel competes vigorously with the latest hybrid vehicles in the market, showcasing Honda’s commitment to innovation and staying at the forefront of automotive technology.

In summary, the Honda Vezel series has established itself as a pioneer in the subcompact SUV segment, offering versatility, hybrid technology, and a shared platform with other notable Honda models. The introduction of the 2nd Generation Vezel demonstrates Honda’s dedication to evolving its lineup to meet the changing needs and preferences of consumers in the hybrid vehicle market.

Honda Vezel 2024 Exterior

2nd Generation Honda Vezel: An Exterior Masterpiece:

The 2nd Generation Honda Vezel’s exterior design exudes the unmistakable essence of Honda’s design language, combining familiar elements with fresh and sporty aesthetics.

Front End Elegance:

The front fascia of the Vezel is a captivating sight. It showcases slim and stylish narrow side-swept headlights, adorned with tube-designed LED daytime running light inserts. These intricate DRLs not only enhance visibility but also lend a touch of modern sophistication to the vehicle’s frontal profile.

A bold and sporty statement is made with the inclusion of a sleek chrome grille, adding an element of prestige to the Vezel’s presence. The front also features a trapezium-shaped air intake, contributing to the vehicle’s dynamic appearance. Dual fog lights further emphasize the Vezel’s focus on both style and functionality.

Spectacular Rear View:

The rear of the Vezel mirrors the front’s excellence. It boasts a roof spoiler with an integrated brake light, not only enhancing aerodynamics but also adding a sporty touch. The side-swept taillights are a prominent feature, distinguished by their bold and curvaceous design. These taillights contribute to the Vezel’s unique identity in the subcompact SUV segment.

Practicality meets style with the inclusion of a rear wiper and a standard-case tailgate. These features cater to convenience and functionality, ensuring that the Vezel is well-suited for a range of driving scenarios.

Uniform Styling Across Variants:

An interesting aspect of the 2nd Generation Honda Vezel is that all its variants maintain identical styling across every aspect of the exterior. This consistency in design allows the Vezel to maintain its unique identity while catering to a diverse range of consumer preferences.

In summary, the exterior of the 2nd Generation Honda Vezel marries Honda’s familiar design elements with modern and sporty aesthetics. The vehicle’s sleek headlights, chrome grille, and distinctive taillights contribute to its unique identity in the subcompact SUV class, making it a standout choice for those seeking a combination of style and practicality.

Honda Vezel 2024 Interior

2024 Honda Vezel Interior: Where Comfort Meets Modernity:

The interior of the Honda Vezel 2024 exudes a blend of modernity, comfort, and practicality, setting the stage for an enjoyable driving experience.

Elegant Trim Choices:

Inside, the Vezel employs black plastic trim pieces, creating a tasteful and understated ambiance. The choice of upholstery varies across different variants:

  • Vezel e-HEV X and e-HEV Z feature black fabric seats.
  • Vezel e-HEV Play offers beige fabric seats.

Spacious and Contemporary Design:

The interior impresses with its spacious layout and a clean, contemporary design. The cabin provides ample room for both front and rear passengers, making it well-suited for long journeys or outdoor adventures.

Steering Wheel and Controls:

The leather-wrapped steering wheel offers tilt and telescopic adjustment, allowing drivers to find their ideal driving position. It features convenient steering controls, including cruise control and radar control on the left side and multimedia controls on the right.

Customizable Digital Meter:

The 7-inch digital meter display showcases essential information, including a speedometer. Drivers have the flexibility to customize the display to suit their preferences.

Push-Start Technology:

Setting the Vezel apart from its competitors is the inclusion of push-start technology, adding a touch of modernity and convenience to the driving experience.

Infotainment and Climate Control:

The dashboard combines a hard plastic top with a soft plastic base. It houses a prominent 9-inch infotainment display, which supports wireless Apple CarPlay and wired Android Auto for seamless connectivity. The automatic air conditioner features a dual-zone automatic climate control system, ensuring personalized comfort for all occupants.

Immersive Audio Experience:

A 10-speaker audio system strategically placed throughout the vehicle delivers flawless audio quality. Four charging ports are available, with two in the front and two for rear passengers. The Vezel also offers the option of wireless charging for added convenience.

Versatile Cargo Space:

The Honda Vezel 2024 offers ample storage space, with a trunk designed for infinitely flat luggage storage. The rear seats can be folded in multiple directions, creating even more cargo space, making it an ideal companion for outdoor adventures. The tailgate comes with hands-free access, and the Honda smart key allows for convenient opening and closing.

A Host of Standard and Optional Features:

Standard features in the Vezel include power and heated door mirrors, automatic climate control, 8 airbags, a stereo speaker system, power windows, power steering, cruise control, hill-descent control, and power lock doors. The higher-end variant includes leather upholstery as standard, with options for additional features like satellite navigation.

Honda Connect: Modern Connectivity and Convenience:

The new Vezel is equipped with Honda Connect, offering advanced features such as the Honda digital key, turning the car into a Wi-Fi hotspot, automatic navigation map updates, remote operation features like controlling the air conditioner, sending alerts to the driver’s smartphone, and locating the car in a crowded parking lot.

Three Driving Modes:

The 2nd Generation Honda Vezel introduces three driving modes: normal mode, sport mode, and ECON mode, allowing drivers to tailor their driving experience to their preferences.

In conclusion, the Honda Vezel’s interior combines a range of modern features, comfortable seating, and ample cargo space, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a subcompact SUV that seamlessly integrates practicality with contemporary technology and comfort.

Honda Vezel 2024 Variants / Engine

Power and Efficiency: Vezel Engine and Hybrid Technology:

The new Honda Vezel offers a range of engine options, all centered around a 1.5-liter engine, which is complemented by advanced e:HEV hybrid technology, creating a dynamic driving experience with enhanced efficiency.

Three Driving Modes:

The e:HEV hybrid technology in the Vezel introduces three distinct driving modes:

  1. EV Mode: In this mode, the vehicle operates exclusively using electric power sourced from the battery. This mode is particularly efficient for short urban journeys, reducing emissions and fuel consumption.
  2. Hybrid Mode: The engine takes on a role of generating electric power, which, in turn, drives the electric motor. This synergy between the engine and the electric motor optimizes fuel efficiency while maintaining power and performance.
  3. Engine Mode: In the third mode, the vehicle relies solely on the energy generated by the engine itself. This mode is suited for longer journeys or situations where the engine’s power is primarily required.

Variant Offerings:

The Honda Vezel 2024 is available in four distinct variants, with three of them featuring hybrid engines powered by e:HEV technology:

  1. Honda Vezel e-HEV Play: Equipped with a 1500cc engine, this variant combines the benefits of an automatic transmission with hybrid efficiency.
  2. Honda Vezel e-HEV X: Similar to the Play variant, the e-HEV X boasts a 1500cc hybrid engine, offering a balance of performance and fuel economy.
  3. Honda Vezel e-HEV Z: The e-HEV Z, like its counterparts, features a 1500cc engine with hybrid capabilities, providing versatility for various driving scenarios.
  4. Honda Vezel G: This variant sets itself apart by featuring a 1496cc petrol engine, catering to those who prefer a traditional gasoline-powered option.

In summary, the Honda Vezel 2024 offers a range of engine choices centered around a 1.5-liter engine, with the added benefit of e:HEV hybrid technology. This technology introduces three distinct driving modes, enhancing efficiency and reducing emissions. With a variety of hybrid and petrol-powered variants, the Vezel lineup ensures there’s a choice for every driver’s preferences and needs.

Honda Vezel Ride & Handling:

The Honda Vezel 2024 offers a comfortable and controlled driving experience, supported by a range of driver-assist features that enhance safety and convenience.

Driver-Assist Features:

  1. Hill Descent Control: This feature proves invaluable when navigating steep inclines. It helps keep the vehicle moving forward on upward steep paths, ensuring stability and control in challenging terrains.
  2. Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS): ABS technology is a key component of safety, preventing skidding and maintaining control during sudden braking or slippery conditions. It adds to the overall safety and confidence of the driver.
  3. Cruise Control: Long drives become more comfortable with cruise control, allowing the driver to maintain a consistent speed without continuous throttle input, reducing fatigue on extended journeys.

Suspension and Ride Quality:

The Vezel’s suspension system is commendable, contributing to a comfortable ride. However, it’s important to note that the ride can feel stiff, a characteristic often observed in subcompact SUVs. This stiffness is typically designed to offer better stability and control, especially in urban driving scenarios.

Honda Vezel Maintenance

While the Honda Vezel is a popular choice among drivers, it’s worth noting that maintenance may present some challenges. Spare parts for the Vezel can be relatively expensive and may not always be readily available, potentially requiring longer wait times for repairs or replacements. This aspect of maintenance can impact the overall cost of ownership and convenience.

In summary, the 2024 Honda Vezel prioritizes comfort and control through its driver-assist features, such as hill descent control, ABS, and cruise control. The suspension system offers a comfortable ride, albeit with a slightly stiff feel commonly associated with subcompact SUVs. However, potential difficulties in sourcing spare parts may present maintenance challenges that prospective owners should consider when evaluating the Vezel.

Honda Vezel 2024 Mileage

Impressive Fuel Efficiency: Vezel Mileage:

The 2nd Generation Honda Vezel demonstrates exceptional fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for drivers who prioritize savings at the pump.

Impressive Mileage Figures:

The Vezel achieves an impressive average fuel consumption of approximately 15-22 kilometers per liter (KM/L). This remarkable mileage performance ensures that drivers can cover significant distances with fewer fuel stops.

Extended Driving Range:

Equipped with a 40-liter fuel tank, the Vezel offers an estimated driving range of between 600 kilometers to an astonishing 1080 kilometers on a single tank of fuel. This extensive range provides drivers with the flexibility to embark on longer journeys without frequent refueling stops, enhancing convenience and reducing overall fuel costs.

Honda Vezel Variants - Major Specifications

Honda Vezel Hybrid X L 1.5L i-VTEC

PricePKR 8,250,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves
Engine Displacement1496 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI Hybrid Synergy
Max Horsepower/RPM160 hp @ 6600 RPM
Gear BoxCVT
Ground Clearance185 (mm)
Curb Weight1280 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)40 L
Boot Space450 L
Recommended TyresVezel