Suzuki Mehran Price in Pakistan & Review - 2024

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Suzuki Mehran 2024 Price List in Pakistan

Suzuki Mehran-2023

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Car Review

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Overview

Suzuki Mehran is one of the 2nd Gen that was introduced in 2012. The next era of Suzuki Mehran Car included some minor cosmetic improvements and an engine upgrade that managed to get Euro II compliant.

The remaining aspects of the Mehran Car are identical to the 1st generation. However, all the variant will now include an Immobilizer. The Suzuki Mehran Car will come in 4 variants Mehran VX, VX CNG, VXR, and VXR CNG.

Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II one of the best possible cars in the city. The motor car is one of the most notable selling because of a good deal and good features. The motor car has high-quality products, low rate, and the free parts are also available in a high range.

Individuals can get everything here about the automobile. The external and internal changes have been altered by the ongoing company but yet basic is the same. Individuals can get the typical Mehran but with an increase of features.

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Exterior

The Suzuki Mehran retains its iconic box-like exterior design, a hallmark of its lineage. The front end of the car showcases trapezium-shaped headlights and a grille featuring multiple rectangular openings on one side, while the other side remains sealed. This grille design is paired with standard dark-colored bumpers, contributing to the vehicle’s utilitarian and no-nonsense appearance.

Moving to the rear of the car, you’ll find somewhat angular and squared-shaped taillights, a common feature in the design of hatchback vehicles. The rear bumper, like the front, maintains a standard dark color, ensuring uniformity in the vehicle’s visual profile. However, for the upscale Mehran VXR variants, there’s a notable enhancement with color-matched bumpers and full wheel covers, elevating the overall aesthetics and giving the car a more polished look.

The Suzuki Mehran’s exterior design as a whole embraces a restrained and minimalistic approach, reminiscent of design sensibilities from previous decades, particularly the 1980s. While contemporary car designs often lean towards more complex and futuristic aesthetics, the Mehran remains steadfast in its classic and straightforward styling.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran’s exterior design is a tribute to its heritage, offering a no-frills, practical, and economical option for those who appreciate simplicity and affordability in their vehicles. The enduring appeal of its boxy design reflects its long-standing presence in the automotive landscape.


The Suzuki Mehran features a compact hatchback body style, making it a small and maneuverable vehicle that’s well-suited for urban driving. Its dimensions reflect its compact nature, with a length measuring approximately 129.9 inches, a width of 55.3 inches, and a height of 55.5 inches. These proportions emphasize its ability to navigate through narrow city streets and fit into tight parking spaces with ease.

The wheelbase of the Suzuki Mehran spans approximately 85.6 inches, contributing to stability and balanced handling while driving. This dimension plays a crucial role in distributing the vehicle’s weight and ensuring a comfortable ride.

One of the practical aspects of the Mehran is its impressive turning radius, which is approximately 4.4 meters. This feature allows the car to execute tight turns and U-turns effortlessly, enhancing its maneuverability in congested traffic and urban settings. Drivers can navigate through crowded streets and parking lots with minimal effort, making the Mehran a convenient choice for city dwellers.

Additionally, the compact dimensions of the Suzuki Mehran contribute to its outward visibility. With its small stature, drivers enjoy a clear and unobstructed view of the road ahead, which is crucial for safe and confident driving, especially in city traffic. The vehicle’s size and shape allow for better awareness of the surroundings, reducing blind spots and improving overall driving comfort.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran’s hatchback body style, compact dimensions, wheelbase, turning radius, and excellent outward visibility make it a practical and agile choice for urban driving, where maneuverability and awareness of the environment are essential for a hassle-free driving experience.

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Interior

The Suzuki Mehran boasts an interior design characterized by simplicity and functionality. The use of gray plastic trim elements dominates the interior, giving it a practical and durable look. The overall interior design can be described as minimalistic, with many components of the car left exposed. Even essential controls such as window operation and seat adjustments are manual, reflecting a straightforward and no-frills approach to design.

However, it’s important to note that the Mehran lacks some basic features that are considered standard in many modern vehicles. These include central locking, steering wheel adjustment, and rear seat belts, which are notably absent. This minimalistic approach to features aligns with the car’s affordability and utilitarian focus.

Both the front and rear seats of the Suzuki Mehran are upholstered in vinyl fabric. While this material may not offer the plushness of more premium options, it is practical and easy to maintain, which is suitable for a vehicle designed with practicality in mind.

In terms of features, the standard Mehran model includes a heater, which can provide warmth during colder weather. The higher-end VXR variant offers additional comfort by featuring air conditioning, a valuable feature for keeping the cabin cool and comfortable in hot climates. The inclusion of fabric seats in the VXR variant adds a touch of comfort compared to the vinyl seats in the standard model.

Despite its compact exterior dimensions, the Suzuki Mehran’s interior space may be perceived as limited, both in the front and rear. This may be a consideration for those who prioritize spaciousness in a hatchback. Additionally, the interior may lack some of the refinement and advanced features found in more upscale vehicles, which is in line with its affordability and practicality-focused design.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran’s interior is characterized by simplicity, manual controls, and a lack of some modern conveniences. It offers a straightforward and practical cabin design, which aligns with its cost-effective positioning in the market. While it may not boast advanced features or spaciousness, it caters to those who prioritize affordability and functionality in their choice of vehicle.

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Variants / Engine

Suzuki Mehran Engine

The Suzuki Mehran is powered by a 0.8-liter OHC (Overhead Camshaft) 6-valve Inline-3 engine. This engine is capable of producing a power output of 39 horsepower at 5500 RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) and a maximum torque of 59 Nm (Newton-meters) at 3000 RPM. Despite its compact size, this engine delivers adequate power for city commuting and everyday driving needs.


The Suzuki Mehran has a top speed of 135 km/h (kilometers per hour), making it suitable for highway driving, although it’s primarily designed for urban use. When it comes to acceleration, the Mehran takes approximately 24 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h, reflecting its practical and efficient performance for city driving.

Mehran Maintenance

One of the standout features of the Suzuki Mehran is its extremely affordable maintenance. The car has been a staple in the market since 1989, and its design and mechanics have remained largely unchanged over the years. As a result, local mechanics are well-versed in repairing and servicing the Mehran. Moreover, its auto parts are readily available at very low prices, further contributing to its cost-effective maintenance. The combination of widespread knowledge among mechanics and readily available, affordable spare parts makes maintaining the Mehran a hassle-free experience for owners.

Mehran Specifications

  • Engine: 0.8 Liter OHC 6 Valve Inline-3
  • Horsepower: 39 bhp (brake horsepower) @ 5500 RPM
  • Torque: 59 NM (Newton-meters) @ 3000 RPM


The Suzuki Mehran comes equipped with a 4-speed manual transmission, which provides drivers with direct control over gear shifting. This manual gearbox complements the car’s straightforward and practical design, making it easy to handle and maintain.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran features a modest yet efficient 0.8-liter engine, with specs suitable for daily city driving. Its affordable maintenance, thanks to its long-standing presence in the market and readily available auto parts, makes it an economical choice for budget-conscious drivers. The inclusion of a 4-speed manual transmission adds to its simplicity and ease of operation.

Competitors of Suzuki Mehran in Pakistan

The Suzuki Mehran, known for its affordability, faces competition from several other vehicles in the Pakistani motorcar market. These competitors offer various features and advantages that cater to different customer preferences and needs. Here are some of the notable competitors of the Suzuki Mehran:

1. Daihatsu Cuore:

  • Advantages: Daihatsu Cuore presents itself as a strong competitor to the Mehran. It boasts better build quality, modern safety features, and an appealing exterior design. Cuore’s strengths lie in its durability, affordability, and superior safety, making it a popular choice among Pakistani car buyers.

2. Suzuki Alto:

  • Advantages: The Suzuki Alto offers a compelling alternative to the Mehran. It provides more safety features, better build quality, and improved fuel mileage. While it is somewhat pricier than the Mehran, the Alto’s additional features and enhanced safety make it an attractive option for those willing to invest a bit more.

3. Suzuki FX:

  • Advantages: Suzuki FX is positioned as a budget-friendly option when compared to the Mehran. However, it offers even fewer features. The FX is a straightforward and cost-effective choice for those seeking basic transportation without additional frills.

4. Daihatsu Mira:

  • Advantages: Daihatsu Mira has gained a significant presence in the Pakistani market due to its better build quality, modern safety features, and appealing exterior design. Its popularity is attributed to its affordability, durability, and advanced safety features, which have contributed to increasing demand.

5. Nissan Otti and Other 660cc Cars:

  • Advantages: Various other 660cc cars, including the Nissan Otti and some lesser-known models, also compete with the Mehran. These cars often offer a balance of affordability and features, catering to a diverse range of customer preferences in the Pakistani market.

6. United Bravo and Prince Pearl:

  • Advantages: United Bravo and Prince Pearl are new entrants in the market, aiming to challenge the Mehran’s dominance. They offer modern features, safety enhancements, and competitive pricing. These newer options provide alternatives for customers looking for a fresh approach to affordable transportation.

In summary, the Suzuki Mehran faces stiff competition from a range of competitors in the Pakistani motorcar market. While the Mehran is known for its affordability, its rivals offer varying degrees of safety features, build quality, and pricing, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of Pakistani car buyers. The choice among these options ultimately depends on individual priorities, whether it be affordability, safety, features, or durability.

Suzuki Mehran 2024 Mileage

The Suzuki Mehran is known for its fuel efficiency, making it an economical choice for budget-conscious drivers. Here are the estimated mileage figures for the Mehran:

City Driving:

The Suzuki Mehran provides an average mileage of approximately 10 kilometers per liter (KM/L) when driven in city conditions. This fuel efficiency allows for an estimated range of around 300 kilometers on a full tank of its 30-liter fuel tank, making it suitable for daily urban commuting.

Highway Driving:

On the highway, the Mehran demonstrates even better fuel efficiency, averaging around 13 kilometers per liter (KM/L). This superior highway mileage results in an estimated range of approximately 390 kilometers on a single tank of fuel when traveling on highways or longer routes.
These mileage figures reflect the car's ability to cover significant distances on relatively small amounts of fuel, contributing to its popularity as an economical choice for both city and highway driving.

Suzuki Mehran Variants - Major Specifications

Suzuki Mehran VXR Euro II

PricePKR (Discontinued)
Engine TypeOHC 6 Valves
Engine Displacement796 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM39 hp @ 5500 RPM
Gear Box4 Speed
Ground Clearance160 (mm)
Curb Weight1330 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)32 L
Boot Space254 L
Recommended TyresMehran