Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan & Review - 2024

Price of Toyota Fortuner in Pakistan ranges from 15,809,000 — 21,089,000 PKR

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 is the newest addition to their mid-size SUV line-up and builds upon the success of its predecessors. Boasting an attractive design, dynamic performance capabilities and reliable service provision, the Fortuner is designed to meet adventure seekers, families and urban commuters' needs while remaining an established competitor within its class.

Toyota Fortuner 2024 Price List in Pakistan

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Toyota Fortuner 2024 Car Review

Toyota Fortuner 2024 Overview

Toyota Fortuner 2024: A Journey from Genesis to Evolution

The Genesis of the Beast

Stepping into the automotive world, it’s impossible to overlook the strides achieved by one beast on wheels – the Toyota Fortuner 2024. Dishing out a potent fusion of power and elegance, the Fortuner chronicles an impressive saga of progress and transformation.

The original incarnation of the Fortuner materialized back in 2004, with Toyota’s pioneering mind steering its design, substantiated with the stable genetics of the Hilux pickup truck. Boasting riveting engine options with fuel choices spanning petrol and diesel and the thrill of RWD or 4WD configurations, the Fortuner initiated its legendary journey.

The Fortuner Finds Home in Pakistan

In the South Asian context, particularly Pakistan, the Fortuner pulled up in style in February 2013. Packing the vigor of the 2.7-litre 2TR-FE engine, the 2.7 VVT-i and TRD Sportivo versions carved a niche for themselves, amplifying the SUV presence in the country.

Milestones of Innovation and Transformation

2015 unfurled a significant milestone – the second-generation Fortuner – a brainchild of the ‘keen look’ design philosophy. This generation delivered an upgrade enveloped in state-of-the-art features such as the intelligent follow-me-home light function, all-around sensor, and digital automatic climate control. The second-generation model also promised to optimize driving comfort with auto power windows and the innovation of tilt and telescopic steering wheel as standard.

Keeping its Pakistani enthusiasts in focus, Toyota rolled out the Sigma 4 variant of the Fortuner in late 2017. Under its hood roared the 2.8-liter diesel engine, while additional features like power back door and rear disc brakes cemented its appeal. Soon after, Toyota Indus served the petrol lovers with the G trim and Fortuner 2.7 V.

The 2024 Epitome: Taking Center Stage

Fast forward to the present, the 2024 Fortuner continues to uphold its legacy in Pakistan. With an offering of three distinct flavors, the Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4, Fortuner 2.7 V, and Fortuner 2.7 G, choice and flexibility take center stage.

In essence, the tale of the Fortuner is a symbol of Toyota’s unwavering commitment to evolution and improvement. Bearing testament to decades of research and innovation, the Toyota Fortuner continues its reign in the SUV kingdom, delivering unfaltering performance and top-tier quality. As we draw the curtains on the Fortuner’s journey so far, remember, this magnificent SUV is only revving up. Its saga is set to add many more thrilling chapters in the future.

Detailed Review of Exterior, Interior, Safety, Performance and Analysis of Price in Pakistan

1. Toyota Fortuner Exterior Design

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 flaunts its daring presence, grabbing attention with its sophisticated aesthetics and imposing stance. Each variant has been crafted to a unique taste, blending Toyota’s persistent reliability with stunning designs.

1.1. Overall Design and Distinct Elements

All five variants of the Fortuner, namely, the GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, 2.7 G, 2.7 V and Legender radiate an air of robust elegance. The collaboration of style and function takes form in the chrome-colored outside door handles — a testament to both the class and strength inherent in the Fortuner DNA.

1.2. Front Fascia and Lighting

The Toyota Fortuner greets with a commanding front facade, featuring piercingly bright front fog lights that steer clear of obscurity on those foggy drives. However, it’s the adjustable headlights that make a grand spectacle. These adaptive illuminators, available across all variants, bring clarity to your journeys — close for city jaunts or far in the less-beaten tracks of the countryside. Each model further accentuates visibility and style with smartly designed LED daytime running lights.

1.3. Side Profile and Wheel Design

The Fortuner corners the market when it comes to its imposing side profile. Its bold character lines are defined further by the cutting-edge alloy wheels, available with all variants, that promise robustness under all journeys. The side mirrors do more than just reflect, they act as sentinel lights, hosting lucid indicators and adding an extra layer of safety to changing lanes or turns.

1.4. Rear Elegance and Tail Lights

On the flip side, the rear crowns the robust look of the Fortuner. The rear spoiler is not just a design piece — it enhances stability and control at high speeds, a feature all variants proudly endorse. Underneath them nestle the radiant tail lights that leave a lasting impression on every follower.

Suffice to say, each variant of the Fortuner 2024 takes elegance and exotic exterior design to new levels. Its bold character, intricate detailing and commanding presence make it more than just a midsize SUV, but a personal statement on the road.

2. Toyota Fortuner Interior Design

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 seamlessly merges comfort with class across all its variants, inviting passengers into a realm of superior craftsmanship and intricate detailing. The interior panorama is a testimony to thoughtfully laid out features, prioritizing convenience and elegance.

2.1. Cabin Layout, Materials, and Build Quality

Every variant of the Fortuner 2024 – the GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, 2.7 G, 2.7 V, and Legender, exhibit a sleek layout bathed in remarkable materials. Be it the power-adjustable leather seats in the GR-S, Legender that exude luxury, or the premium fabric in the 2.7 G that prioritizes comfort, the Fortuner 2024 values passengers’ relaxation.

The robustness of the materials used within the legendaries translate into an SUV capable of enduring the tests of time. Nestling smart entries, keyless entry mechanisms, and push-start systems—this striking SUV goes above and beyond to ensure every drive is an event of convenience and serenity.

2.2. Seating Comfort for Driver and Passengers

Each variant promises an experience of unparalleled comfort, thanks to its spacious seating arrangement and ergonomic design. Both front and rear travelers indulge in the privilege of air conditioning, cup holders, and armrests, paving the way for long drives of relaxation and refreshment. The heated seats, a standard feature across GR-S and Legender variants, materials further ramp up the stakes in comfort during the cold, harsh winters.

The versatile seating arrangement highlights a rear folding function bolstering practicality for those extra suitcases on long, thrilling vacation drives, while the five headrests promise comfort even in the most tumultuous terrains.

2.3. Dashboard Design and Layout

The Fortuner’s dashboard seamlessly houses a myriad of features emphasizing intelligibility and effortless operation. A tachometer and multi-information display alert the driver with crucial vehicle performance data, keeping the heart of the SUV under constant surveillance.

The infotainment center’s focal point lies in the impressive display, sizing up to 8.95 inches in the GR-S variant, that harbors USB and auxiliary cable support.

2.4. Advanced Features and Technology

As for the software that graces Fortuner’s interior, a power boost mechanism sits as a standard feature barring the 2.7 G variant. A host of refinements like steering switches, cruise control, and driving modes significantly upgrade the driving experience, making each ride an affair to remember.

The Fortuner does not shy away from embedding the latest technology in all its variants. All models feature an inbuilt navigation system, ensuring that you never lose your way in an exploration streak.

2.5. Special Interior Features and Accents

Refreshing the ambience in the cabin are the ‘cool boxes’, found across all variants, turning the Fortuner into a ready-to-go picnic spot. The variants do not compromise on utility features either, with a bundling of front power outlets, interior lighting, and for the sporadic, long drives, rear power outlets in GR-S and Legender.

Every thread in the Fortuner’s interior fabric weaves a story of luxury, comfort, and technology, transforming every journey into a memorable experience drenched in luxury.

3. Toyota Fortuner Infotainment & Instrumentation

In the Toyota Fortuner 2024, the experience extends beyond just driving. It embraces a host of infotainment and instrumentation features designed to enrich every journey.

3.1. Infotainment System and Features

Each variant of the Fortuner 2024 comes equipped with an infotainment system featuring a vivid display ranging from 8.9 inches to 8.95 inches. While a CD or DVD player may no longer be the norm, the Fortuner more than makes up for it, offering first-rate connectivity that suits the digital age. Audio enthusiasts will enjoy the quality of sound from the front and rear speakers, fostering an immersive sound experience within the cabin. However, if you are looking for rear-seat entertainment features, please note that they are not provided across any of the variants.

3.2. Connectivity Options

All variants of the Fortuner impress with USB and auxiliary cable connectivity. Whether you’re caught in the daily commute or on an out-of-town adventure, you can enjoy your favourite playlists or podcast episodes with no hassle.

3.3. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

While ADAS features aren’t standard on all variants, select variants such as the GR-S are engineered with advanced technology like rear parking sensors, adding a layer of hands-on safety and driver convenience. This advanced feature assists with navigating into tighter parking spots while providing alerts for hidden obstacles, making every Fortuner drive as seamless and worry-free as possible.

In conclusion, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 is more than just an SUV, it’s a complete entertainment suite on wheels, packed with the latest infotainment features and connectivity options to keep you and your passengers entertained, informed and comfortable, throughout every journey. However, do note that the availability of certain features may differ depending on the variant chosen.

4. Toyota Fortuner Performance Handling

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 has arrived with a promise of enhanced driving experience and superior performance, and it sure does live up to the hype.

4.1. Engine Options and Power Delivery

Boasting both petrol and diesel powertrains, each variant of the Fortuner is a case study in superb engineering and finesse. The 2.7G and 2.7V come equipped with a potent 2694cc petrol engine, generating a respectful 164 HP at 5200 RPM. Where the Fortuner really flexes its muscles is with the 2755cc diesel engine, an absolute beast that rides under the hood of the GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, and Legender variants. This diesel powerhouse pumps out an impressive 201 HP at between 3300 and 3400 RPM, promising a seamless and exhilarating ride every time.

4.2. Transmission Choices and Driving Dynamics

Every variant of the Toyota Fortuner 2024 comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission ensuring smooth gear changes at all times. When you fire up the engine and step on the accelerator, you can feel the instantly responsive turbocharge kick into gear. It’s not just about straight-line speed; the well-tuned gearbox ensures that the Fortuner is more than capable for uphill climbs and challenging terrain.

4.3. Ride Comfort

The Fortuner is as comfortable as they come. Thanks to its double-wishbone front and multi-link rear suspension, every ride is smooth, even when you go off the beaten path. The steering is well-weighed and responsive which effortlessly compliments its agile nature. Together, these features offer superior ride comfort, no matter where your driving adventures take you.

4.4. Advanced Performance Features

For those thrill-seekers out there, the Fortuner’s higher variants – GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, and Legender come with Down Hill Assist Control and Vehicle Stability Control, proving that this tough SUV is made for some serious off-roading. It also features traction control and Hill Start Assist Control across all variants, ensuring superior control and stability while tackling slopes, both uphill and down.

4.5. Performance Summary

In short, Toyota has made significant strides with the 2024 Fortuner. Its strong powertrains and diverse engine options translate to a dynamic on-road performance. The ride comfort is excellent for its class, and its well-tuned gearboxes make the driving experience nothing short of exciting. The advanced features in higher variants act as the cherry on top for off-road enthusiasts. The Toyota Fortuner 2024, therefore, offers a sensation of power and control that any car enthusiast dreams of.

5. Toyota Fortuner Fuel Efficiency and Economy

Fuel efficiency is a significant factor for most drivers, and the Toyota Fortuner 2024 doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

5.1. Advertised Fuel Efficiency Figures

The diesel versions claim a respectably healthy mileage of 9 KM/L in the city and 11 KM/L on the highway. However, the 2.7 G and 2.7 V variants with their petrol powertrain report slightly lower fuel economy with an average of 9 KM/L in city driving and 11 KM/L on the highway, with an exception for the 2.7 V which yields 8 KM/L in city conditions and 10 KM/L on the highway.

5.2. Real-World Driving Experiences

While these figures give a good indication of what to expect, real-world mileage can vary depending on factors such as driving conditions and car maintenance. Most drivers find the actual mileage to match the advertised figures closely, barring conditions like heavy city traffic or aggressive driving.

5.3. Environmental Considerations

From an environmental perspective, it’s worth noting that while diesel engines in some vehicles have been a source of high pollution in the past, the modern diesel engines used in the Fortuner are engineered for minimal emissions. The Fortuner’s advanced engine technology ensures it maintains a balance between delivering robust performance and reducing its environmental footprint.

5.4. Fuel Efficiency Summary

In conclusion, while the Toyota Fortuner 2024 is not the most fuel economical vehicle in its segment, considering its size and power, its fuel efficiency figures are commendable, and it does a decent job balancing performance with fuel economy. For light or moderate drivers who prefer city drives with occasional highway cruising, the Fortuner will fare reasonably without burning a hole in your wallet.

6. Toyota Fortuner Safety Features

Safety isn’t just a feature but a core philosophy underpinning the design of the Toyota Fortuner 2024.

6.1. Standard Safety Equipment

Every variant of the Fortuner is generously equipped with an array of safety features. At the foundation are 3 airbags and safety belts for all seven seats, designed to protect all occupants effectively. From child safety features like child lock and ISOFIX child seat anchors to an anti-lock braking system (ABS) which firmly maintains control during abrupt braking, every Fortuner is built to deliver safety as standard.

6.2. Advanced Safety Technology

The Fortuner’s superior safety character is evident in its wide-ranging tech-forward safety systems. Found in the 2.7 G, GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, and Legender variants are Down Hill Assist Control and Hill Start Assist Control, offering enhanced control when navigating slopes. The high-end GR-S variant is bestowed with even more advanced features, such as electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) and brake assist (BA), contributing to further improved safety.

6.3. Safety and Convenience

The GR-S doesn’t stop at just safety. It intertwines comfort seamlessly within its safety features. Remarkably convenient additions like front and rear parking sensors, power boot, rear power outlet, wireless charger, and electric adjustment seats for both the driver and passenger elevate both the safety and comfort experience for Fortuner drivers.

In essence, depending on the variant you choose, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 can be a safe haven on wheels, with an impeccable blend of standard, advanced, and convenient safety features to protect you and your loved ones.

7. Toyota Fortuner Practicality & Space

When evaluating a vehicle, especially an SUV like the Toyota Fortuner 2024, it’s essential to consider practicality and space. This vehicle does not disappoint in offering a sensible, spacious design fused with comfort and style.

7.1. Cargo Space

All variants of the Fortuner provide a substantial 296 liters of boot space, ample room for your luggage on those weekend getaways or grocery bags from a shopping spree. Rest assured, fitting in all your essentials won’t be a struggle with the Fortuner.

7.2. Interior Storage Compartments and Cup Holders

On top of generous boot space, the Fortuner doesn’t skimp on storage space within the cabin. A practical assortment of interior storage compartments and cupholders provide a designated space for all your knick-knacks. Furthermore, the smart design enables every item, whether it’s a water bottle or your sunglasses, to have a suitable spot so you can focus entirely on your drive while having everything within easy reach.

7.3. Seating Capacity and Comfort

The Fortuner doesn’t just accommodate seven people, it ensures that they travel in great comfort. Regardless of the variant chosen, each offers seating space for seven persons. The seats are designed to maximize passenger comfort, with the high-end variants boasting state-of-the-art leather seats with powered adjustments.

7.4. Ingress and Egress

The Fortuner strikes the perfect balance between its high ground clearance and comfortable ingress and egress. Despite being a fairly large SUV, getting in and out of the vehicle isn’t an issue for adults or children, enhancing its reputation as a family friendly vehicle.

7.5. Dimensions and Space Summary

In essence, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 stands tall as a practical SUV that efficiently utilizes its dimensions to yield impressive inner space. From abundant boot space to comfortable seating for all passengers, interior storage, and carefree entry and exit, the Fortuner has been diligently designed to enhance practicality and promote ease of use. Whether you’re embarking on road trips or running daily errands, every journey in the Fortuner 2024 is defined by remarkable space, comfort, and practicality.

8. Toyota Fortuner Variants Comparison

Toyota Fortuner Variants Prices in Pakistan & Best Tyres

Variant Price in Pakistan Recommended Tyres
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 G 15,809,000 Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4 19,079,000 Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner Legender 20,129,000 Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V 18,099,000 Fortuner
Toyota Fortuner GR-S 21,089,000 Fortuner

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 features several exciting variants, each bringing its own strengths to the table. Let’s explore them in a little more detail.

8.1. GR-S

The GR-S variant stands as the top-level offering with a price of 21,089,000 PKR. Notably, it offers the most advanced features like electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), brake assist (BA), power boot, wireless charger, driver seat electric adjustment, passenger seat electric adjustment, and auto-dimming rear view mirror. It’s powered by a robust diesel engine, promising lively performance and considerable torque.

8.2. 2.8 Sigma 4

Priced at 19,079,000 PKR, the 2.8 Sigma 4 is a tempting mid-high-range variant. It offers alluring safety specifications, comfort, and power at a cost-effective price. It shares the same diesel engine as the GR-S, ensuring reliable performance for your adventures.

8.3. 2.7 G

This variant, priced at 15,809,000 PKR, is a solid option for those favoring a petrol engine. Although its feature list isn’t as extensive as the higher-end models, it encloses a compelling package for the price.

8.4. 2.7 V

The 2.7 V is also a petrol variant, marking a price of 18,099,000 PKR. This variant offers more features than the 2.7 G and strikes a balance between the opulence of the Sigma or GR-S and the affordability of the G.

8.5. Legender

Priced at 20,129,000 PKR, the Legender combines innovation, luxury, and performance into one model. It shares the same robust 2755 cc diesel engine as the GR-S and 2.8 Sigma 4, ensuring uncompromising performance.

Toyota Fortuner 2024 Pros & Cons

Like each car, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 has its own strengths and drawbacks.


  • Spacious interior that enhances comfort
  • The Legender and Sigma variants offer value for money with large feature list
  • The powerful diesel engine that guarantees lively performance


  • Handling could be better for more control in various driving conditions
  • Braking performance is a concern
  • Third-row legroom could be more generous for better comfort
  • Variants with 2.7L engines may feel less vigorous compared to diesel counterparts
  • Long waiting queues may affect the buying experience

In summary, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 is a dynamic SUV, boasting a rich blend of comfort, power, and luxury, with few areas for improvement. Its versatility in offering various configurations ensures there’s a perfect Fortuner for every potential buyer.

9. Toyota Fortuner Price in Pakistan & Price to Value Analysis

9.1. Variants with Price & Unique Features


The GR-S, the top-range variant priced at 21,089,000 PKR, offers unique advanced features such as Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD) and brake assist (BA), front and rear parking sensors, power boot, and wireless charger. Plus, it’s powered by the endurable 2755cc diesel engine, making this variant a blend of power and luxury.

2.8 Sigma 4

The 2.8 Sigma 4, coming in at 19,079,000 PKR, shares the same powerful diesel engine as the GR-S and provides a seductive balance between cost and features, ensuring reliability and performance without sacrificing too much from your wallet.

2.7 G

The 2.7 G, priced at 15,809,000 PKR, promises a robust 2694cc petrol engine experience. With a suite of essential features, this variant offers a compelling package for those valuing cost and comfort.

9.2. Features Value Proposition against the Price

9.2.1. Engine/Motor

The 2755 cc diesel engine’s responsiveness in the GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4 and Legender variants provide an impressive yield of power and torque considering their price tags, offering substantial value for the cost.

9.2.2. Transmission

All variants are equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission, ensuring smooth gear shift regardless of the engine type. This standard feature across all price points emphasizes Toyota’s commitment to its users’ uninterrupted and comfortable drives.

9.2.3. Wheels and Tyres

All of the variants come with robust alloy wheels, providing all-round performance and looks. The variance in wheel size in different variants is marginal and doesn’t diminish the stability, enhancing the value at each price point.

9.2.4. Fuel Economy

The diesel Fortuners offer slightly better fuel economy figures, making them a value-for-money proposition for users whose drive consists of long commutes or highway travels. The petrol variants, although slightly less efficient, are priced lower, justifying the trade-off.

9.2.5 Safety

All variants, irrespective of their price, prioritize safety, comprising a comprehensive array of safety features. Buyers, therefore, do not have to compromise on safety at any price point.

9.2.6. Exterior

While all variants maintain a consistent robust exterior design, higher-priced variants add a touch of elegance with premium features like chrome plated door handles and automatic headlamp leveling.

9.2.7. Comfort and Convenience

The distinctive difference in price mainly reports on the additional comfort features like power boot, rear power outlet, electric seats adjustments in the top variant GR-S, and Legender.

9.3. Price to Value Analysis Summary

Analyzing the price to value proposition of the different variants of the Fortuner, it’s clear that each variant has been thoughtfully priced considering the features it offers. The inclusion of crucial safety and performance features across all variants ensures that every Fortuner buyer enjoys a satisfying drive experience. The higher-priced variants offer enhanced comfort, convenience, and engine performance, harmonizing their elevated prices. Given this balance of features and cost, each variant of the Fortuner presents a promising value proposition.

10. Toyota Fortuner Comparison with Competitors

While the Toyota Fortuner 2024 does not have a precise competitor within its price range in Pakistan, a number of vehicles are often considered alternatives, even if their price tags significantly differ. Let’s take a look.

Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V is a comfortable and reliable compact SUV, known for its well-appointed cabin and excellent fuel economy. However, it tends to be more expensive than the Fortuner, and despite its renowned drive comfort, it lacks the robust engine performance and off-road capabilities of the Fortuner.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The Mitsubishi Pajero is a respected all-rounder with admirable off-roading capabilities. But unlike the Fortuner, it’s no longer in production, so you’re likely to be looking at used models—though they still tend to fetch a heftier price due to their perennial popularity.

KIA Sportage

The KIA Sportage is another compact SUV that offers comfortable city driving and a suite of modern features, though it doesn’t quite match up to the Fortuner’s robust build and off-road proficiency. Its price point is also generally lower, making it a more economical choice.

Toyota Hilux

As a pickup truck, the Toyota Hilux offers a different sort of experience. It shares much of the rugged reliability and power of the Fortuner but sacrifices some comfort and interior design. It’s a workhorse, designed more for utility than luxury.

Land Rover Discovery 4

The Land Rover Discovery 4 offers superior comfort and off-road capabilities compared to the Fortuner but at a significantly higher price point. Used models may fall within a similar price range but may come with higher maintenance costs.

Toyota Prado and Surf

The Toyota Prado and Surf represent more upscale alternatives to the Fortuner, offering similar reliability and power but with a greater emphasis on luxury and comfort. However, they often carry a higher price tag to match.

DFSK Glory 580

The DFSK Glory 580 is a cost-effective, spacious 7-seater SUV. While it doesn’t rival the power or off-road capabilities of the Fortuner, its affordable price point makes it an attractive option for those prioritizing economical runs and city driving.

In conclusion, though several vehicles are considered alternatives to the Toyota Fortuner 2024, each has its strengths and weaknesses, and the perfect fit will depend on the specific needs and budget of the buyer.

11. FAQ’s about Toyota Fortuner 2024

Q1: Is buying the Toyota Fortuner 2024 a good investment?

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 offers a compelling blend of strong engine performance, advanced safety features, and spacious interiors, making it an excellent investment for those seeking a versatile and reliable SUV. Its iconic and futuristic design coupled with Toyota’s reputation for quality, durability, reliability, and the high resale values of its vehicles in the Pakistani market further enhance its appeal as a good investment.

Q2: How comfortable is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 for long drives?

With a spacious interior supplemented by comfortable seating with powered adjustments in the higher-end variants, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 ensures a pleasurable ride experience for long drives. Its advanced suspension technology enhances ride quality, while a host of infotainment features keeps passengers entertained throughout the journey.

Q3: Is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 good on fuel?

While the Fortuner is not the most fuel-economical vehicle in its class, it offers respectable fuel economy figures given its size and engine power. The diesel variants deliver a slightly better fuel economy than the petrol ones, making them a more economical choice for regular long drives or highway travels.

Q4: How good is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 for off-roading?

Designed with a high ground clearance and a formidable torque-generating engine, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 excels in off-road conditions. Features like Down Hill Assist Control and Hill Start Assist Control available in the higher-end variants further equip the Fortuner for off-road adventures.

Q5: What safety features does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 offer?

The Fortuner 2024 is equipped with both fundamental and advanced safety features across all variants, further enhanced in the higher-end variants with additions like Down Hill Assist Control and Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD). From airbags to ABS, to Vehicle Stability Control and child safety features, safety is paramount in every Fortuner.

Q6: Does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 offer a choice between petrol and diesel engines?

Yes, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 offers both petrol and diesel engines. The 2.7 G and 2.7 V variants are powered by a 2694cc petrol engine, while the GR-S, 2.8 Sigma 4, and Legender variants come with a more powerful 2755cc diesel engine.

Q7: What is the seating capacity of the Toyota Fortuner 2024?

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 offers a seating capacity for seven passengers across all variants, making it a suitable choice for larger families or those who often travel with a full house.

Q8: How much cargo space does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 offer?

Each variant of the Fortuner 2024 provides a substantial 296 liters of boot space. This ample room is more than sufficient for luggage, shopping bags, or outdoor gear for those weekend getaways.

Q9: Does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 come with infotainment features?

Yes, the Fortuner 2024 offers a host of infotainment features, including a display ranging from 8.9 to 8.95 inches, USB, and auxiliary connectivity. It provides front and rear speakers for a comprehensive entertainment experience.

Q10: What is the price range of the Toyota Fortuner 2024?

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 comes in multiple variants with prices ranging from 15,809,000 PKR for the 2.7 G variant and going up to 21,089,000 PKR for the top-of-the-line GR-S variant.

Q11: Can I buy a Toyota Fortuner 2024 on a finance plan?

Most banks offer auto finance plans which you can use to buy a Toyota Fortuner 2024. It’s advised to check with your bank regarding interest rates, monthly payments, and down payments for the vehicle.

Q12: Does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 come with a warranty?

Toyota typically offers a three-year warranty for its new vehicles. However, the terms and conditions may vary, so it’s best to confirm with your local Toyota dealership about the warranty specifics for the Fortuner 2024.

Q13: Is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 suitable for city driving?

Yes, the Toyota Fortuner 2024 is well-suited for city driving. Despite its size and off-road capabilities, it delivers a smooth and comfortable ride on city roads, thanks to its responsive engine and advanced suspension system.

Q14: Where is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 made?

The Toyota Fortuner 2024 for the Pakistani market is manufactured at Toyota’s production facility in Karachi, Pakistan.

Q15: Is the Toyota Fortuner 2024 available in automatic transmission?

Yes, every variant of the Toyota Fortuner 2024 comes equipped with a 6-speed automatic transmission, providing smooth and efficient gear changes.

Q16: Can I test drive the Toyota Fortuner 2024 before buying?

Most Toyota dealerships offer test drives of their new vehicles. You are encouraged to schedule a test drive for the Toyota Fortuner 2024 at your nearest Toyota dealership.

Q17: Does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 come with a sunroof?

No, none of the Toyota Fortuner 2024 variants come with a sunroof as per the provided feature list.

Q18: How many colors are available for the Toyota Fortuner 2024?

The Toyota Fortuner 2.7 G comes in a choice of seven colors: Attitude Black, Dark Teal Mica, Graphite, Phantom Brown, Silver Metallic, Strong Blue, and Super White.

Q19: Does Toyota offer after-sales services for the Fortuner 2024?

Toyota is well-regarded for its after-sales services. Owners of the Toyota Fortuner 2024 can avail a range of services including routine maintenance, repairs, and spare parts replacement at authorized Toyota service centers across the country.

Q20: Does the Toyota Fortuner 2024 have a resale value?

Yes, Toyota vehicles are known for their robust resale value in Pakistan, and the Fortuner 2024 is no exception. Its high durability, reputation for reliability, and strong demand contribute to its high resale value.

Toyota Fortuner Variants - Major Specifications

Toyota Fortuner GR-S

PricePKR 21,089,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves with Intercooler
Engine Displacement2755 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM201 hp @ 3400 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance279 (mm)
Curb Weight2100 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)80 L
Boot Space296 L
Recommended TyresFortuner

Toyota Fortuner 2.7 V

PricePKR 18,099,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves with dual VVT-i
Engine Displacement2694 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM164 hp @ 5200 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance279 (mm)
Curb Weight1835 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)80 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresFortuner

Toyota Fortuner Legender

PricePKR 20,129,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves with Intercooler
Engine Displacement2755 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM201 hp @ 3400 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance279 (mm)
Curb Weight2100 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)80 L
Boot Space296 L
Recommended TyresFortuner

Toyota Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4

PricePKR 19,079,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves with Intercooler
Engine Displacement2755 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM201 hp @ 3300 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance279 (mm)
Curb Weight2095 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)80 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresFortuner

Toyota Fortuner 2.7 G

PricePKR 15,809,000
Engine TypeDOHC 16 Valves with dual VVT-i
Engine Displacement2694 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM164 hp @ 5200 RPM
Gear Box6 Speed
Ground Clearance279 (mm)
Curb Weight1835 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)80 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresFortuner