Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan & Review - 2024

Price of Suzuki Wagon R in Pakistan ranges from 3,214,000 — 3,741,000 PKR

In the year 2020, a transformative upgrade breathed new life into the VXL trim, introducing the Automatic Transmission (AGS) and a driver-side airbag – a leap towards modernity that encapsulated the commitment to safety and comfort. This revamp not only kept pace with the changing times but propelled the Wagon R to the forefront of cutting-edge automotive technology.

Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Price List in Pakistan

Suzuki Wagon R-2023

Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Car Review

Suzuki Wagon R 2024 Overview

Suzuki Wagon R 2024 price in Pakistan starts from 32.14 Lac and goes up to 37.41 Lac.

Suzuki Wagon R was first launched in 2014. Suzuki Wagon R is front wheel drive so has the engine in front. Its compact but spacious hatchback. Wagon R is powered by a fresh Suzuki K-Series engine, its quieter and economical when compared to the other engines installed in Suzuki’s cars. Suzuki Wagon R is offered in 3 variants Wagon R VXL, VXR & AGS.

Introduction to the Spirited Suzuki Wagon R

Unveiling a Legacy of Innovation

Revving up the automotive scene with its distinctive charm and practical prowess, the Suzuki Wagon R emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of hatchbacks. Born from the creative minds at Pak Suzuki Motors in Pakistan, this spirited vehicle has etched its name as a game-changer, seamlessly blending style with utility. Affectionately known as the Pak Suzuki Wagon R, this hatchback showcases its remarkable journey, evolving into a symbol of innovation and adaptability.

A Remarkable Odyssey Through Time

Buckle up for a journey that started in April 2014, when the Suzuki Wagon R first graced the streets with its presence. A testament to its significance, the Wagon R donned three alluring avatars: the VX, VXR, and VXL trims. The road to evolution wasn’t without its twists, as the VX trim later stepped aside, making way for refined excellence.

In the year 2020, a transformative upgrade breathed new life into the VXL trim, introducing the Automatic Transmission (AGS) and a driver-side airbag – a leap towards modernity that encapsulated the commitment to safety and comfort. This revamp not only kept pace with the changing times but propelled the Wagon R to the forefront of cutting-edge automotive technology.

From Assembly Lines to Iconic Design

The Suzuki Wagon R’s assembly story unfolds as a tale of collaboration. Brought to life through a meticulous process involving knock-down kits from Indonesia, this hatchback isn’t just a vehicle – it’s an embodiment of shared expertise. Its design is a blend of elegance and practicality, captured through its thoughtfully crafted exterior.

With captivating dimensions, the Wagon R boasts an overall length, width, and height of 3600 mm, 1475 mm, and 1670 mm respectively. The sleek profile is accentuated by its sleek steel rims or alloy wheels, exuding a sense of sophistication. And as if that wasn’t enough, its appealing exterior is underscored by features like fog lights, colored door handles, and much more.

Inner Beauty Meets Comfortable Cruising

Step inside, and the Suzuki Wagon R envelops you in an oasis of comfort. The cabin design seamlessly blends aesthetics with functionality, with meticulous attention paid to every detail. Black or beige fabric seats, adjustable headlights, and cutting-edge technology are just a few of the features that make every journey an unforgettable experience.

As you grip the steering wheel, you’re in command of a vehicle designed to make every ride a memorable one. The 9-inch LCD infotainment system, USB and auxiliary cable options, and a range of smart features make sure you’re always connected, entertained, and in control.

Embarking on an Exciting Future

The Suzuki Wagon R’s legacy doesn’t just stop at its rich history – it extends into an exciting future. With its continued commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, this hatchback remains a symbol of versatility and excellence. From its humble beginnings to its current form, the Suzuki Wagon R embodies a spirit that’s ever-evolving, and its journey is one that’s bound to captivate both the road and your imagination. So, fasten your seatbelts and prepare to embark on a ride that’s exhilarating, practical, and simply unforgettable – a ride with the spirited Suzuki Wagon R.

Detailed Review of Exterior, Interior, Safety, Performance and Analysis of Price in Pakistan

1. Suzuki Wagon R Exterior Design

A Symphony of Style and Practicality

Get ready to be captivated by the harmonious blend of style and practicality that defines the exterior of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023. This hatchback’s design isn’t just about turning heads – it’s about turning heads while maximizing functionality.

1.1 Design Harmony and Unique Touches

The Suzuki Wagon R’s exterior design seamlessly fuses aesthetic appeal with functional elements. From its sleek lines to its carefully sculpted features, every aspect of the design exudes modernity. While the VX trim features black exterior door handles, the VXL and AGS trims showcase body-colored door handles that add a touch of sophistication to the overall look.

1.2 Distinct Front Fascia and Illumination

The front fascia of the Wagon R is a true attention-grabber. Characterized by its striking front grille and finely crafted headlights, it stands as a testament to thoughtful design. While fog lights illuminate the road ahead in the VXL and AGS trims, they’re absent in the VX variant.

1.3 Side Profile and Wheel Elegance

The side profile of the Suzuki Wagon R is an embodiment of modern elegance. The VX variant features steel rims with wheel caps, while the VXL and AGS trims proudly display stylish alloy wheels. These 13-inch wheels are accompanied by 145/80/R13 tires, offering a balance between comfort and performance.

1.4 Rear Charisma and Tail Light Sophistication

Even at the rear, the Wagon R doesn’t compromise on design cohesion. The tail lights seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic, portraying a harmonious rear view. Although a rear spoiler doesn’t grace any of the variants, the clean lines and thoughtful design of the rear end are sure to leave a lasting impression.

2. Suzuki Wagon R Interior Design

Where Comfort and Innovation Converge

Step inside the Suzuki Wagon R 2023, and you’re entering a realm of comfort and innovation. From thoughtfully chosen materials to smartly arranged features, the interior is designed to enhance your driving experience in every way possible.

2.1 Cabin Comfort and Quality

The cabin of the Wagon R is a haven of comfort and quality. Regardless of the variant, the interior exudes an air of sophistication and comfort. The VX variant boasts black fabric seats, while the VXL and AGS trims feature beige fabric seats. Manual adjustments ensure that you find the perfect seating position for your journeys.

2.2 Seating Excellence for All Passengers

Passenger comfort takes center stage in the Wagon R’s interior. With ample legroom and headroom, the cabin provides a relaxed and spacious environment for everyone on board. While rear headrests aren’t present in any of the variants, the seating experience remains comfortable and accommodating.

Stay tuned as we delve into the exhilarating world of performance, fuel efficiency, safety, and more in the Suzuki Wagon R 2023. The journey continues, and every section holds surprises and insights that will keep you engaged and informed.

3. Suzuki Wagon R Infotainment & Instrumentation

3.1 Dashboard Practicality and Design

The dashboard is a model of practicality and design ingenuity. Everything is thoughtfully placed for easy access, creating an intuitive driving experience. The VXL and AGS trims are equipped with a tachometer, providing insights into engine performance. Multi-info displays across all variants offer vital information at a glance, enhancing your connection with the car.

3.2 Connectivity and Tech Marvels

The Wagon R’s interior is a hub of advanced technology. The VXL and AGS trims come with a 9-inch LCD infotainment system that keeps you connected on the road. With CD, USB, and auxiliary player options, your entertainment is just a touch away. While rear speakers and rear seat entertainment are absent, the infotainment system ensures an engaging driving experience.


4. Suzuki Wagon R Performance Handling

Igniting Thrills on the Road

Unleash the exhilaration as we explore the dynamic performance and agile handling of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023. From the power-packed engine to its nimble maneuverability, this hatchback is designed to keep you engaged and in control.

4.1 Engine Performance: Power in Every Rev

The heart of the Wagon R beats with a spirited 998 cc petrol engine that promises a dynamic driving experience. With three cylinders firing in harmony, this engine produces an impressive 67 HP at 6200 RPM and delivers a torque of 90 Nm at 3500 RPM. The result? Swift acceleration and responsive power delivery, making city commutes and highway drives equally enjoyable.

4.2 Transmission Options: Shifting Gears with Ease

Choose your driving style with the transmission options offered in the Wagon R. The VXR and VXL trims come with a 5-speed manual transmission that provides precise control and engagement. If you’re a fan of effortless driving, the AGS variant features a 5-speed automatic transmission that ensures smooth gear shifts, adding convenience to your daily journeys.

4.3 Handling Dynamics: Smooth Moves on Every Turn

Navigating through city streets and open roads is a breeze thanks to the Wagon R’s well-tuned handling dynamics. The electric power steering offers responsive control, allowing you to glide through traffic and take on corners with confidence. The suspension system, featuring McPherson Strut Coil Springs at the front and a Trailing Arm setup at the rear, ensures a comfortable and stable ride, absorbing bumps and undulations effortlessly.

4.4 Balanced Ride Comfort: City Agility Meets Highway Poise

The Wagon R’s suspension and engineering strike a balance between ride comfort and agile handling. Whether you’re tackling urban traffic or cruising on the highway, the hatchback maintains stability and provides a comfortable experience for both driver and passengers. However, features like driving modes and traction control aren’t available in any of the variants.


5. Suzuki Wagon R Fuel Efficiency and Economy

Unveiling the Economical Charm

In a world where efficiency is key, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 rises to the occasion with its impressive fuel-saving capabilities. Let’s explore how this hatchback strikes a balance between performance and frugality.

5.1 Efficient Fuel Consumption: City and Highway Mileage

Equipped with a 35-liter fuel tank, the Wagon R is designed to go the distance with minimal fuel stops. In city conditions, it achieves an economical mileage of 16 km/l, allowing you to navigate urban landscapes with confidence. When you hit the open highway, the Wagon R doesn’t disappoint, delivering a fuel efficiency of up to 18 km/l, ensuring long journeys are both cost-effective and efficient.

5.2 Real-World Performance: From Stats to Reality

The Wagon R’s fuel efficiency isn’t just a number on paper – it’s a real-world advantage. Its lightweight design, efficient engine, and optimized aerodynamics work in harmony to provide practical fuel consumption without compromising on performance. This translates to fewer trips to the pump and more miles per tank, making every drive an economical adventure.

5.3 Environment-Friendly Choice: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing the Wagon R means making an environmentally conscious decision. Its fuel efficiency not only saves you money but also reduces your carbon footprint. With reduced emissions and economical fuel consumption, you can enjoy your drive while contributing to a greener planet.

5.4 Fuel Efficiency Champion: An Ideal Companion

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 stands as a champion of fuel efficiency, making it an ideal companion for daily commutes and extended journeys alike. Its ability to deliver impressive mileage without compromising on performance showcases its commitment to practicality and sustainability.

As we continue our voyage through the Suzuki Wagon R 2023, we’re about to uncover the safety features and interior space that make this hatchback a true gem. Stay tuned for more exciting insights!

6. Suzuki Wagon R Safety Features

Your Protection on Every Journey

Safety takes the spotlight as we delve into the comprehensive safety features of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023. From protective measures to peace of mind, this hatchback ensures that your well-being remains a top priority.

6.1 Enhanced Safety Measures

While the Wagon R is designed with your safety in mind, it’s important to note that certain advanced safety features such as Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Down Hill Assist Control, Hill Start Assist Control, Traction Control, and Vehicle Stability Control are not available in any of the variants.

6.2 Seatbelts and Immobilizer

With safety at its core, all variants come equipped with seatbelts for all occupants, ensuring everyone’s protection. An immobilizer adds an extra layer of security, preventing unauthorized access to your vehicle.

6.3 Child Safety and ISOFIX Anchors

The Wagon R understands the importance of child safety. All variants feature child locks to prevent accidental door opening while the vehicle is in motion. However, ISOFIX child seat anchors are not available in any of the variants.

7. Suzuki Wagon R Practicality & Space

Designed for Convenience

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is more than just a stylish hatchback – it’s a practical companion for your daily adventures. Let’s explore how its clever design and interior space make life on the road a breeze.

7.1 Cargo Space and Interior Storage

Efficiency extends to the interior, where the Wagon R offers a boot space of 180 liters in all variants. This ample cargo area is complemented by well-placed storage compartments and cup holders, ensuring that you have plenty of room for your belongings.

7.2 Comfortable Seating and Dimensions

With a seating capacity for five persons, the Wagon R’s interior is spacious and accommodating. The overall dimensions, including an overall length of 3600 mm, width of 1475 mm, and height of 1670 mm, contribute to a comfortable cabin experience for everyone.

7.3 Practical Additions

While features such as a power boot, steering adjustments, steering switches, driving modes, navigation, optional navigation, front camera, rear camera, rear central control, and rear AC vents are not available in any of the variants, the Wagon R makes up for it with its practical design that focuses on enhancing your everyday journeys.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling installment of our Suzuki Wagon R 2023 review, where we’ll delve into the captivating exterior and interior features that truly set this hatchback apart. Get ready for a ride filled with innovation and excitement!

8. Suzuki Wagon R Variants Comparison

Suzuki Wagon R Variants Prices in Pakistan & Best Tyres

Variant Price in Pakistan Recommended Tyres
Suzuki Wagon R AGS 3,741,000 Wagon R 2014-2023
Suzuki Wagon R VXL 3,412,000 Wagon R 2014-2023
Suzuki Wagon R VXR 3,214,000 Wagon R 2014-2023

Exploring Your Options

Get ready to dive into the exciting world of Suzuki Wagon R 2023 variants! In this section, we’ll take a close look at each available variant, highlighting their distinctive features, specifications, and what they bring to the table. From practicality to enhanced features, these variants cater to a range of preferences, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every driver.

8.1 Suzuki Wagon R VXR: Affordable Practicality

Price: PKR 3,214,000

The VXR variant introduces you to the world of Wagon R with essential features that offer practicality at an affordable price point. With a manual transmission, this variant puts you in control of your driving experience. The steel rims with wheel caps complement the hatchback’s design, while the beige fabric seats provide a comfortable and inviting interior. Although it lacks alloy wheels and fog lights, the VXR variant focuses on delivering an economical driving solution for daily commutes.

8.2 Suzuki Wagon R VXL: Elevated Comfort and Infotainment

Price: PKR 3,412,000

Taking a step up, the VXL variant enhances your driving experience with additional comfort and convenience features. The manual transmission ensures an engaging drive, while the alloy wheels add a touch of style to the exterior. Inside, the black fabric seats exude sophistication, perfectly complemented by front fog lights that enhance visibility. The standout feature of the VXL variant is the 9-inch LCD infotainment system, providing entertainment and connectivity at your fingertips. With the inclusion of a tachometer, this variant brings a well-rounded package to the table.

8.3 Suzuki Wagon R AGS: Seamlessly Automatic

Price: PKR 3,741,000

For those seeking the convenience of automatic transmission, the AGS variant is here to deliver. Priced at PKR 3,741,000, this variant combines automatic transmission with alloy wheels that add a touch of elegance to the exterior. The black fabric seats exude modernity, while the front fog lights contribute to enhanced visibility on the road. Inside, the 9-inch LCD infotainment system keeps you entertained and connected. The inclusion of a tachometer and one airbag further elevates the safety and functionality of the AGS variant.

In conclusion, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 variants cater to different preferences and budgets, offering a variety of features that enhance your driving experience. Whether you’re looking for affordability, enhanced comfort, or automatic convenience, the Wagon R has a variant that suits your needs. The next section will take us on a detailed journey of comparing these variants, helping you make an informed decision that aligns with your driving requirements. Get ready to explore the details!

Suzuki Wagon R 2023: Pros & Cons


  1. Better Build Quality than other Suzuki Models: The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 stands out for its improved build quality compared to other models from the brand. This signifies enhanced durability and reliability, promising a longer lifespan for the vehicle.
  2. Highly Economical: The Wagon R’s reputation for fuel efficiency is a significant advantage. Its economical nature translates to cost savings over time, making it a practical choice for budget-conscious drivers.
  3. Parts are Easily Available: With its widespread popularity, finding replacement parts for the Wagon R is relatively hassle-free. This availability ensures maintenance and repairs are more convenient and efficient.
  4. Strong Dealership Network: Suzuki’s well-established dealership network ensures that service, support, and repairs are accessible to owners across various regions, enhancing the overall ownership experience.
  5. Effective Air Conditioning Capabilities: The Wagon R excels in its air conditioning performance, providing passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable ride, particularly in hot weather conditions.


  1. Boxy Exterior Looks: One notable drawback of the Suzuki Wagon R’s design is its boxy exterior appearance. While this design choice maximizes interior space, it might not be appealing to those seeking a more contemporary and sleek look.
  2. Unstable on High Speeds: The Wagon R’s design, optimized for city driving and fuel efficiency, can lead to stability issues at higher speeds, impacting the driving experience on highways or long journeys.
  3. Outdated Shape: The vehicle’s design, which prioritizes practicality, might be seen as outdated by some consumers who value modern aesthetics and more streamlined profiles.
  4. Tall Body: While contributing to interior space, the Wagon R’s tall body can lead to body roll during cornering and reduced aerodynamic efficiency, potentially affecting handling and fuel efficiency.

In conclusion, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 boasts several advantages such as improved build quality, fuel efficiency, and a strong dealership presence. However, it also carries certain drawbacks like its boxy exterior, stability issues at high speeds, and a design that might appear outdated to some. As with any vehicle, potential buyers should weigh these pros and cons against their specific needs and preferences to make an informed decision.

9. Suzuki Wagon R Price in Pakistan & Price to Value Analysis

9.1 Variants Price & Unique Features

  • VXR Variant (Price: PKR 3,214,000): The VXR variant offers a budget-friendly option with essential features. It comes with manual transmission, electric power steering, basic suspension setup, and standard safety features like seatbelts, immobilizer, and child lock. It lacks alloy wheels, fog lights, and advanced infotainment.
  • VXL Variant (Price: PKR 3,412,000): The VXL variant adds more value with alloy wheels, front fog lights, body-colored door handles, and additional comfort features like keyless entry, power windows, and central locking. It also features a better infotainment system with a display, CD player, USB, and aux input.
  • AGS Variant (Price: PKR 3,741,000): The AGS variant, the top-tier option, offers an automatic transmission (AGS), which enhances convenience in traffic. It includes features from the VXL variant and adds safety with a driver-side airbag. Additionally, it provides a slightly upgraded infotainment system.

9.2. Features Value Proposition against the Price

9.2.1. Engine/Motor

In the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 lineup, all three variants—the VXR, VXL, and AGS—share a common 998 cc petrol engine, delivering 67 HP power and 90 Nm torque. This uniform engine ensures consistent performance across the range, regardless of the variant’s price. With this shared engine, buyers can expect reliable power delivery and fuel efficiency at every price point, reinforcing the notion that affordability does not compromise essential performance attributes.

9.2.2. Transmission

The transmission options provided in the Suzuki Wagon R variants offer distinct driving experiences. The VXR and VXL variants come with a 5-speed manual transmission, while the AGS variant boasts an automatic transmission. Despite the price variation, the AGS variant’s automatic transmission justifies its cost by providing convenience in congested urban settings. This feature addresses a common pain point for drivers and enhances the overall driving experience, making it worth the investment.

9.2.3. Wheels and Tyres

Wheels and tires significantly impact both aesthetics and performance. The VXR variant’s steel rims with wheel caps provide a functional setup, while the VXL and AGS variants set themselves apart with alloy wheels. These alloy wheels not only enhance the visual appeal of the vehicle but also contribute to improved handling and stability. While the VXR focuses on practicality, the slightly higher cost of the VXL and AGS variants reflects the added value of enhanced aesthetics and performance.

9.2.4. Fuel Economy

In terms of fuel economy, all three variants—VXR, VXL, and AGS—offer an identical mileage within a narrow range. With city mileage at 16 KM/L and highway mileage ranging from 17 KM/L to 18 KM/L, buyers can anticipate similar efficiency across the board. The price differences among the variants are not attributed to variations in fuel economy but rather to the additional features and functionalities unique to each variant.

Given the price range of the variants, the engine, transmission, wheels and tires, and fuel economy offer consistent value across the lineup. The pricing structure primarily reflects the presence of specialized features, such as automatic transmission and alloy wheels, which elevate the driving experience and justify the incremental costs.

9.2.5. Safety

When considering safety features, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 variants exhibit differing levels of equipment. The VXR and VXL variants come with basic safety provisions such as seatbelts, immobilizer, and child lock. However, the AGS variant takes a step further by incorporating a driver-side airbag, enhancing passenger protection in case of a collision. While the VXR and VXL variants are competitively priced, the AGS variant’s additional safety component justifies its higher price, ensuring a safer driving experience for occupants.

9.2.6. Exterior

The exterior of the Suzuki Wagon R variants offers a range of visual enhancements. The VXR variant features black exterior door handles, whereas the VXL variant adds sophistication with body-colored handles. Furthermore, the VXL and AGS variants stand out with alloy wheels, which not only contribute to the overall aesthetics but can also improve handling. These external upgrades, found in the mid-range and top-tier variants, make the additional cost worthwhile for those seeking an enhanced visual appeal.

9.2.7. Comfort and Convenience

In terms of comfort and convenience features, each variant offers a unique blend of amenities. The VXR variant provides essential elements such as air conditioning, heater, and power steering. The VXL variant further improves the driving experience with keyless entry, power windows, and central locking. Both these variants strike a balance between affordability and convenience. On the other hand, the AGS variant, while being the most expensive, offers these conveniences along with an automatic transmission, catering to those who prioritize a hassle-free driving experience.

9.3. Price to Value Analysis Summary

In summary, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 variants present a comprehensive lineup that caters to various customer preferences and priorities. While the engine, transmission, and core components maintain uniform value across all variants, the differentiation in pricing is primarily justified by unique features in each category. The AGS variant stands out with its automatic transmission, contributing to urban driving comfort. Additionally, the safety upgrade in the form of a driver-side airbag enhances the AGS variant’s value proposition. The exterior enhancements and comfort features in the VXL and AGS variants justify their higher costs, providing buyers with added convenience and aesthetics. Ultimately, the price-to-value ratio of each variant aligns with the distinct features it offers, ensuring that buyers can make an informed choice based on their preferences and needs.

10. Suzuki Wagon R Comparison with Competitors

In the bustling Pakistani automotive market, the Suzuki Wagon R 1st Generation faces formidable contenders in the form of the Toyota Vitz, Toyota Passo, and Suzuki Cultus. Each of these vehicles brings its distinct strengths and attributes to the forefront, vying for the attention of discerning customers.

10.1. Suzuki Cultus

An intriguing contender against its own sibling, the Suzuki Wagon R, is the Suzuki Cultus. The Cultus showcases a compelling edge with its superior fuel economy and performance prowess. This compact supermini isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a companion for family escapades. Its user-friendly nature resonates with families, allowing for comfortable rides and seamless experiences, while its fuel efficiency adds an economical touch to every journey.

10.2. Toyota Passo

Enter the Toyota Passo, another noteworthy challenger for the Suzuki Wagon R. Sharing certain features with the Wagon R, the Passo carves its niche with its 1329cc engine, albeit with slightly diminished power when compared to its competitor. However, the trump card up Passo’s sleeve is its automatic transmission, an alluring feature for those who value effortless gear shifts and smooth driving experiences.

10.3. Toyota Vitz

In the pursuit of dominance, the Toyota Vitz emerges as a compelling adversary to the Suzuki Wagon R. The Vitz flexes its muscles with a larger fuel capacity and superior mileage, giving drivers the confidence to traverse longer distances without frequent refueling stops. Additionally, the Vitz extends a safety net with its anti-lock braking system, airbags, and automatic transmission, elevating the peace of mind of both driver and passengers.

As the arena of automotive options expands, each of these contenders—Suzuki Cultus, Toyota Passo, and Toyota Vitz—strives to strike a chord with diverse consumer preferences. With offerings ranging from fuel economy and family-friendly features to enhanced performance and advanced safety provisions, these vehicles cater to distinct needs and desires. Customers are the ultimate beneficiaries, as they’re presented with a range of choices that align with their unique lifestyles and expectations. The competition remains fierce, pushing these vehicles to continually innovate and enhance their offerings, all for the delight and satisfaction of the Pakistani market’s enthusiastic drivers.

11. FAQ’s about Suzuki Wagon R 2024

1. What is the Suzuki Wagon R 2023?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is a compact hatchback car known for its practicality, fuel efficiency, and versatile features.

2. How many variants does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 offer?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is available in three variants: VXR, VXL, and AGS.

3. What are the engine options available for the Suzuki Wagon R 2023?

All variants of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 are powered by a 998 cc petrol engine.

4. Which variant offers an automatic transmission?

The AGS variant of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 features an automatic transmission.

5. What safety features does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 offer?

Basic safety features like seatbelts, immobilizer, and child lock are available across all variants. The AGS variant also comes with a driver-side airbag.

6. Is the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 suitable for family use?

Yes, the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is designed to be family-friendly, offering comfortable seating and practical features.

7. How does the fuel efficiency of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 compare to competitors?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is known for its fuel efficiency, making it a cost-effective choice for daily commuting.

8. What are the exterior dimensions of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 has an overall length of 3600 mm, width of 1475 mm, and height of 1670 mm.

9. Does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 have alloy wheels?

The VXL and AGS variants of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 come equipped with alloy wheels.

10. How many people can the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 seat?

All variants of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 can seat up to 5 persons.

11. What is the boot space of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 offers a boot space of 180 liters.

12. Does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 have modern infotainment features?

Yes, the VXL and AGS variants of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 come with a 9.0-inch infotainment display, CD player, USB, and aux input.

13. How does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 handle on highways?

Some users find that the Wagon R’s tall body design can lead to stability issues at higher speeds.

14. Does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 have an anti-lock braking system (ABS)?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 variants do not come equipped with ABS.

15. Is the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 suitable for urban driving?

Yes, the AGS variant’s automatic transmission makes it particularly convenient for driving in urban areas with heavy traffic.

16. How does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 compare to the Toyota Vitz in terms of fuel capacity and mileage?

The Toyota Vitz has a larger fuel capacity and may offer better mileage compared to the Suzuki Wagon R 2023.

17. Does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 have an updated exterior design?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 retains a boxy exterior design, which is a characteristic feature of the model.

18. Are there any drawbacks to the Suzuki Wagon R 2023’s design?

Some users may find the boxy exterior of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 less visually appealing than more modern designs.

19. How does the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 perform in terms of air conditioning?

The Suzuki Wagon R 2023 is praised for its effective air conditioning capabilities, providing comfort in hot weather conditions.

20. Which variant of the Suzuki Wagon R 2023 offers better value for money: VXR or AGS?

The choice between VXR and AGS depends on personal preferences. The VXR variant offers a manual transmission for those who enjoy engaging driving, while the AGS variant provides automatic convenience, especially for city driving.

Suzuki Wagon R Variants - Major Specifications

Suzuki Wagon R VXR

PricePKR 3,214,000
Engine TypeDOHC 12 Valve
Engine Displacement998 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM67 hp @ 6200 RPM
Gear Box5 Speed
Ground Clearance170 (mm)
Curb Weight825 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)35 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresWagon R 2014-2023

Suzuki Wagon R VXL

PricePKR 3,412,000
Engine TypeDOHC 12 Valve
Engine Displacement998 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM67 hp @ 6200 RPM
Gear Box5 Speed
Ground Clearance170 (mm)
Curb Weight830 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)35 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresWagon R 2014-2023

Suzuki Wagon R AGS

PricePKR 3,741,000
Engine TypeDOHC 12 Valve
Engine Displacement998 cc
Fuel Supply SystemEFI
Max Horsepower/RPM67 hp @ 6200 RPM
Gear Box5 Speed
Ground Clearance170 (mm)
Curb Weight835 KG
Fuel Capacity (Litres)35 L
Boot Space L
Recommended TyresWagon R 2014-2023