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Frame Rigidity Back the mid-1930s, Chevrolet developed what will need to have some expensive and time-consuming videos to explain in detail how automotive systems worked. The narrative in that one likens the squeaks and rattles within an out-of-date car frame to prospects in old houses. Cars at the moment used body-on-frame construction like pickups still
You don’t need to read through thick manuals to comprehend the components which let your vehicle work. From initial black & white videos defining the basics of your car’s suspension to today’s images describing complex transmissions, these exclusive videos for each component will educate you about how cars components actually work. Leaf-spring Suspension The leaf

How an Electric Car Works

Inside an Electric Car A straightforward DC controller linked to the batteries and the DC electric motor. If the drivers pushes the accelerator pedal, the controller gives the entire 96 volts from the batteries to the electric motor. If the drivers take his/her foot off the accelerator, the controller provides zero volts to the motor/engine.
  Traction or “Road traction” as we know it, is the friction that is generated between the tyres and the road. Because of this traction your car is able to move forward.  As the contact area between the road and the tyres increases the traction produced will be greater in magnitude and the grip of
Luxury Cars and Owner’s Persona There are innumerable reasons why people are attracted towards luxury and expensive cars. The first and the foremost reason is that luxury brands have effective marketing strategies and as a result of this the perceived value of luxury brands is higher and hence people want value for their money. Though
How is Pakistan a lucrative market for Tyres? Pakistan is a country that provides huge potential for investment in tyre business. It is housing seventh largest population in the world which is a market for automobiles and hence tyres of all sorts. Despite this, Pakistan is also acting as a conduit for the supplies of NATO
You can play an important role in tyre maintenance. Tyres need to be replaced due to many reasons, including tread worn down to least depth, punctures, cuts,  damage, underinflation, cracks, bulges, impacts, overloading. Due to these reasons, all tyres including spares must be inspected on regular basis. Recommended inspection interval is at least once a month. Regular inspection becomes
The first thing which everyone sees in a car is its exterior, and if you are concerned about car care you want to keep your car look clean and shining. Washing a car quickly is our normal practice but once or twice a month you should spare some time if you really want to keep

Car Paint Fading

To keep your car clean and look like new you have to keep the car paint color safe and avoid fading using some best practices and tips discussed here. Car Paint Fading is a very common thing to happen over time. Certainly, paint fades, it’s a fact, but there are few steps which can be
Your air filter defends your engine from ingesting all the dust, all the dirt and other small metal particles in the air. Air filter absorbs all harmful particles and clogs up just like the bag of a vacuum cleaner clogs up. In case if it clogs up, then the engine gets a harder time to suck the
Today’s new cars are designed to have all features to give a smooth, gentle ride for the comfort of the driver and the passengers. In case if your car isn’t offering the same comfort that it used to give you and if it is rattling, shuddering and vibrating along the road, then it is the
If the tyre balance is maintained, it provides smooth ride because balancing is a key component in tyre wear. Wheel balancing minimizes the tyre vibration and bounce. So as a result it perks up traction, steering control and increase the life of tyres. Doesn’t matter if you have a brand new set of tyres which