Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16

ContiMaxContact MC5

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 is an all-around champion tyre delivering unbeatable performance and comfort. It provides enhanced braking and handling performance with exceptional safety. Its performance is constant on both wet and dry road surfaces....Tyre Description


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ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16 is Recommended for Following Cars

ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16 Specifications

Tyre Size215/55 R16
Rim Size16 Inches
Tyre Width215 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height)55 %
Tread Pattern NameContiMaxContact MC5
Load Index / Maximum Load93 / 650 Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum SpeedH / 210 Km/h
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Perfect for comfort & performance
  • Precise handling in all situations
  • Reduced noise level
  • Enhanced dry and wet performance
Excellent high speed stability and dry handling.
  • Better wet grip performance of the tread compound
  • Optimized contact patch for stability and handling
Reduced Noise
  • Comfi-Sipes positioned within the inner blocks
  • Lower noise inside the vehicle for enhanced driving pleasure
  • Noise Breakers in the tread grooves to disturb the noise waves

  • Precise Handling
  • Enhanced Dry & Wet Performance
  • High-Speed Stability
  • Dry Handling
  • Optimized Contact Patch
  • Comfi-Sipes
  • Noise Breakers
  • Better Ride Comfort
  • Lower Pattern Noise
  • Enhanced Braking
  • Noise Breaker
  • Fuel Saving

Availble Sizes in ContiMaxContact MC5

Product Description

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 is an all-around champion tyre delivering unbeatable performance and comfort. It provides enhanced braking and handling performance with exceptional safety. Its performance is constant on both wet and dry road surfaces. MC5 provides an enjoyable drive with lower cabin noise through adaptive noise reduction on variable surfaces. ContiMaxContact MC5 significantly reduces fuel usage hence better mileage is achieved.

  • Better ride comfort
  • Lower pattern noise
  • Superb wet and dry handling performance
  • Enhanced braking and driving stability

Noise Breaker

One of the Conti Silent Pattern Groove features is the Noise Breaker technology. The MC5 tyres have small lumps along longitudinal grooves of the tyres that break airwaves which are created as the vehicle advances through the air in front of the vehicle. This exclusive technology achieves exceptionally low noise levels and gives an amazing comfort during your drive.


V-shaped inner ribs make the rolling outcome of tyres uniform and smoother. Providing better stability and you experience a more comfortable drive. Inner ribs with Smooth rolling throughout the tyre circumferential provide Optimum driving comfort coupled with optimum safety performance.

Fuel Saving

The Advanced Silica Compound Technology significantly reduces rolling resistance and helps to decrease fuel consumption. MC5 is also an environment-friendly tyre as lower CO2 emission levels help in keeping our environment eco-friendly.


Vehicles with 215/55 R16 Tyre Size

Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16 is Original Equipment sized Tyre for Honda Civic 1.8 2020, Honda Civic 2016 - 2018.

If you want to enhance the look and road grip of your car, Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16 is a recommended UPSIZE tyre for Honda BRV, Toyota Corolla Grande 2017 - 2018.

What does 215/55 R16 mean?

215/55 R16 is the tyre size.

215 is the maximum width of the tyre in milimetres(mm). When the vehicle is fully loaded its width can expand maximum upto 215 milimetres(mm).

55 is the ratio among width and height of the tyre from its rim. it means that the height of the tyre is precisely 55% of the 215mm. Lower ratio improves road grip, but it reduces comfort to some extent.

R – refers to the method the tyre is produced. The letter “R” is found on all modern car tyres. It indicates the radial structure of tyre cosntructed with steel wires.

16 represents the diameter of the rim. It is a measurement in inches(“). This number should be rememberd as it is the measurement of the rims. It has to match exactly to what is mentioned in the car manual.

This particular tyre is with the size of 215/55 R16. Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16 has a speed index of H. You can drive on this tyre at a maximum speed of 210 KM/H. The load index of this tyre is 93. This tyre can carry a maximum load upto 650 Kgs.

The labeling of the tire as per EU labeling standard. This tire has rolling resistance of class E , Wet Grip class is C, and noise level is 71 db.

6 reviews for Continental ContiMaxContact MC5 215/55 R16

  1. abrarmajid

    Sorry Ahsan, Softness is a good feature but Tyre shouldn’t be so soft that it get damaged quickly. You are talking about its performance on road studs, i have some friends who were using Advan DB and got their Tyre’s sidewall damaged on road studs only because of its softness.
    You are right about dry handling but in wet road conditions specially in northern areas it can be called a dangerous tyre, because of soft compound in its composition.
    MC5 is OEM tyre for Civic in Malaysia and Thailand where road conditions are similar to Pakistani roads, 5-stars for MC5.

  2. mirza.ahsan

    Abrar you are right about its millage butt it gives good dry and wet handling and very soft at road studds, in my opinion if you want to safe your cars suspension than u must go with advan DB

  3. abrarmajid

    Yes Ahsan you are right about softness of AvanDB. Due to its softness it wears down faster than MC5. Mileage of AdvanDB is also less than 30000 KM.

  4. mirza.ahsan

    Yokohama advan DB is an excellent choice for this car in my opinion,
    Bcoz advan DB is outstanding in comfort and very low noise tyre.

  5. abrarmajid

    Noise, Road Grip and best Handling are three of top attributes of MC5 in my opinion. If these are things you are looking for then Go for it….

  6. Ali.naqi

    Can someone guide me if MC5 is a good option for my new Honda Vti Oriel Tyres?

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