Mirage MR-100 185 R14 C


Light truck tires: MR100 is our light truck tires for LT, VANS, PICKUP in Mirage brand Tyre range: 12-16 inch Speed Rating: Q-R Application: light trucks, pickups, and vans... Tyre Description

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MR-100 185 R14 C is Recommended for Following Cars

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MR-100 185 R14 C Specifications

Tyre Size 185 R14 C
Rim Size 14 Inches
Tyre Width 185 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height) x %
Tread Pattern Name MR-100
Load Index / Maximum Load 102 / 850 Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum Speed R / 170 Km/h
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Product Description

Mirage MR-100 185 R14 C is Recommended Tyre for

Mirage MR-100 185 R14 C

  • The reinforced structure composed of two-wheel belts and full nylon protector
  • Zigzag vertical groove and horizontal groove arrangement with sipes
  • Special abrasion-resistant tread compound
  • Open shoulder design with lugs
  • Deliver extra puncture resistance and robust load-bearing capacity
  • Provide excellent wet and dry grip
  • Provide enhanced mileage with reduced heat
  • Prevent aquaplaning and provide excellent wet grip performance

Mirage Tires, enjoying high popularity in the domestic and international market, is one of the major brands developed by Shandong Hengfen Rubber & Plastic Co. Ltd. Shandong Hengfeng Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hengfeng”), one of the major tire manufacturers in China, was established in 1995 and covers a land of about 2 square kilometers, with the total assets of over RMB 5 billion and more than 10000 employees. The company owns six plants in Dongying city and Linyi city of Shandong province in China. Three TBR plants with annual production capacity of 6 million tires, three PCR plants with annual production capacity of 24 million tires.

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Vehicles with 185 R14 C Tyre Size

What does 185 R14 C mean?

185 R14 C is the tyre size.

185 is the maximum width of the tyre in milimetres(mm). When the vehicle is fully loaded its width can expand maximum upto 185 milimetres(mm).

x is the ratio among width and height of the tyre from its rim. it means that the height of the tyre is precisely x% of the 185mm. Lower ratio improves road grip, but it reduces comfort to some extent.

R – refers to the method the tyre is produced. The letter “R” is found on all modern car tyres. It indicates the radial structure of tyre cosntructed with steel wires.

14 represents the diameter of the rim. It is a measurement in inches(“). This number should be rememberd as it is the measurement of the rims. It has to match exactly to what is mentioned in the car manual.

This particular tyre is with the size of 185 R14 C. Mirage MR-100 185 R14 C has a speed index of R. You can drive on this tyre at a maximum speed of 170 KM/H. The load index of this tyre is 102. This tyre can carry a maximum load upto 850 Kgs.

The labeling of the tire as per EU labeling standard. This tire has rolling resistance of class E , Wet Grip class is C, and noise level is 72 db.


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