Mirage MR-100 195 R15 C


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MR-100 195 / R15 C Specifications

Tyre Size 195 / R15 C
Rim Size 15 Inches
Tyre Width 195 mm
Tyre Aspect Ratio (Height) x %
Tread Pattern Name MR-100
Load Index / Maximum Load 106 / 950 Kgs
Speed Index / Maximum Speed R / 170 Km/h
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Product Description

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Vehicles with 195 / R15 C Tyre Size

Mirage MR-100 195 R15 C is Original Equipment sized Tyre for Toyota Grand Cabin.

What does 195 / R15 C mean?

195 / R15 C is the tyre size.

195 is the maximum width of the tyre in milimetres(mm). When the vehicle is fully loaded its width can expand maximum upto 195 milimetres(mm).

x is the ratio among width and height of the tyre from its rim. it means that the height of the tyre is precisely x% of the 195mm. Lower ratio improves road grip, but it reduces comfort to some extent.

R – refers to the method the tyre is produced. The letter “R” is found on all modern car tyres. It indicates the radial structure of tyre cosntructed with steel wires.

15 represents the diameter of the rim. It is a measurement in inches(“). This number should be rememberd as it is the measurement of the rims. It has to match exactly to what is mentioned in the car manual.

This particular tyre is with the size of 195 / R15 C. Mirage MR-100 195 R15 C has a speed index of R. You can drive on this tyre at a maximum speed of 170 KM/H. The load index of this tyre is 106. This tyre can carry a maximum load upto 950 Kgs.

The labeling of the tire as per EU labeling standard. This tire has rolling resistance of class E , Wet Grip class is C, and noise level is 72 db.


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