ZIC X7000 API CI-4/SL SAE 10W-40

Oil Categories:
SAE Grade: 15W-40
Standards: API SJ, SAE 15W-40


Recommended for Gasoline/Diesel/LPG engines API SJ

Car Mileage (km) 100000 - 200000
Oil Mileage (km) 3000 - 4000
Density, kg/m3 @ 15°C 0.87
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s @ 40°C 107.9
Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s @ 100°C 14.9
Viscosity Index 143
Total Base Number (TBN) 10.00
Flash Point, °C 224
Pour Point, °C -40

X7000 10W-40/CI-4 is the synthetic engine oil of API CI-4/SL and CH-4/SJ performance, made of Synthetic-like base oil with YUBASE Technology. Therefore, ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4exceeds the performance of any engine oil containing conventional base oil. ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4 offers signification performance improvements over the normal recommended specification. ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4 maintains high viscosity index features which mean sufficient high viscosity for engine protection at high temperature and low viscosity for fuel economy at normal temperature. ZIC X7000 10W-40/CI-4 is suitable for not only American type, but also European and Japanese type diesel engine.

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