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Mirage Tyres

Mirage tyre is leading brand in China which is making its way in the global tyre market very rapidly. Mirage has a full range of car sizes. With the excellent performance of its products, gained official product certifications from over 60 countries thus meet the certification requirements of the entire global market. Mirage tyres which we sell at Tyre Point are among premium Chinese brands.

Mirage has also passed the stringent performance tests of Goodyear, Continental and Prelli, and has since established strategic partnerships with them. Mirage tyres extensive research and development in the constant desire to continue improving and breaking new ground in the tyre industry. Innovation continually evolves in the activities of materials development, product design, testing and evaluation. These principals drive Mirage to constantly improve the products and operational processes.

Mirage is determined to stay at the forefront of consumer demand globally, anticipating changing needs and meeting them through the very latest in tyre production technologies . At Tyre Point we’ve build relationships with our customers that have lasted decades, and this is something we hope to continue to do as we are having the online era. We are presenting very proudly Mirage tyres to our valuable customers.

Mirage tyres are very successfully completing the standards of big names of tyre industry and offering great from them. No doubt that actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behavior of drivers, in particularly we should respect eco-driving, tyre pressure checking and stopping distance. But Mirage tyre upholds safe, fuel-efficient and eco- friendly characteristics so this will have a positive impact both on consumers and our earth on a good driving. Mirage tyres are of premium quality and are very economical. Mirage tyres are a good combination of superior performance, durability and very reasonably priced.