Dunlop Veuro VE303 215/55 R16

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Dunlop VEURO VE303 215/55 R16 is an exceptionally quiet tyre. Its quietness enhances comfort for drivers and occupants. Better traction on dry and wet surfaces. Its unique design provides outstanding stability and control even at high-speed. This control improves handling and ride comfort.

Dunlop's Research & Design

This tyre is considered as the most comfortable and silent tyres in its competitive tyre range. While developing the Dunlop VEURO VE303 215/55 R16, Dunlop also developed an acoustic measuring device, “Acoustic Holography” to find road noise level.


As a result of the test, with simulated pattern shifting, Dunlop gave the Dunlop VEURO VE303 215/55 R16 a 5-staged mixed-shaped scheme of angles and parts to achieve the optimum tyre groove plan. In regular cruising over the undulating surface, Dunlop found that tyre noise is generated by its inner strip of the edge of the tyre. As such, a high stiffness material is used on the edges of the strip to decrease such noises.


Reduced Noise

As the weight of the edge of the strip compresses the middle section of regular tyres, acoustic resonance is generated in the hollow area. To address this, Dunlop has added a special sound-absorbing sponge to disperse the tyre impact and decrease tyre’s internal resonance. In internal tests, Dunlop has verified an improvement of ~1.5dB(A) at speed of 40 km/h.


In Dunlop VEURO VE303 215/55 R16, Dunlop has designed an asymmetric 45% inner – 55% outer tread in order to achieve better all round handling of the tread pattern. A 10% increase in stiffness of the longitudinal lateral grooves of the external block enhances cornering performance when the blocks are in contact with a larger road contact area.

Optimal Control and Stability in Wet

Dunlop VEURO VE303 215/55 R16 also provide better water drainage. It is complemented by the middle and central part of the tyre pattern groove. Channels in its pattern help in the easy evacuation of water from tread grooves and provide better traction. Dunlop has achieved grip and stability in the wet without compromising quality and provided optimal performance.

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